Something is seriously wrong with Steem Engine.

By liquid-mike | Deep Dives. | 23 Aug 2019

I've had problems with Steem engine for several weeks. Often when i try and login: The page only partially loads and only shows the header. 


After 20/30 login attempts {If im lucky} the marketplace will appear. Then there is a second reoccurring problem. When I click the marketplace token button it just stays on the main page. So if I click on the button to see the PAL marketplace; it just stays at the page with all the tokens.  I have to click the button sometimes a hundred times to access a certain tokens market.


I don't have the best computer setup so I didnt even think to complain or try and solve the issue with the steem-engine discord or anything. I started getting really frustrated not being able to trade in real time: So every once and a while I would ask other steemers about their experience on steem engine. I started hearing rumblings.


A few days ago I headed to and created a survey on steemit. It seems im not the only one with a problem trading. 46.67% of people cant trade in real time 24/7. That's not good! Of course you could argue that only 15 people voted: It couldn't be that accurate right?! Think of it this way though: 8 different people found my post and have been having problems trading in real time.


Trading in real time on steem engine is incredibly important for the whole steem-chain ecosystem. Steem payouts are down and certain steem engine tokens provide many steemers with a chance to thrive anyways. If they cant trade in real time they may lose money. Imagine if steem spikes: But its only on one exchange and the UI isnt working! That's worst case scenario right?!


That's whats happening to steemengine users. It's a nightmare.

If you are a steem user please vote above. The more people who vote the more accurate the percentages are.



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