Brainlets Rejoice; Make $1000 Every Month With No Skill Required.

DISCLAIMER:  There are literally HUNDREDS of blog posts making the same claim that this post is making here.  The majority of those are hot garbage, filled with affiliate links that redirect to outright scams; they will NEVER pay you for your work. This is not that kind of post; this is a legitimate list of passive income "faucets" that you can exploit every single month.  These methods pay out in CASH (no gift-card nonsense here).  Additionally, these methods don't require any special skills.  However, getting started takes a certain level of motivation to get everything up and running.

The tasks listed below are not exhaustive; there's just too much to write about to fit in one post.  So I've included the tasks that require the least amount of effort and knowledge to get started.  The values assigned to each task is an average based on personal experience and research.  You may be able to make more if you dedicate more time to each; in some cases, you'll make less if you don't keep up the effort.  One can reasonable achieve $1000 in less than 35 hours a month, which comes out to about $29.00 an hour.

Finally, here is a guide to lazily making $1000+ a month in cold hard cash:

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) - $300.00+ a month

Sign up as a "worker" using an already existing log-in.  If you don't already have a log-in, simply create an account with Amazon, then make your way over to the MTurk site.  With a bit of dedication (roughly 60 minutes or less) you can easily make $10.00 a day - as a beginner.  New opportunities will open up for you as you develop longevity and reliability.  In which case, jobs (or HITS) can play up to $100.00.

Brave Browser - $5.00+ a month

Simply download and use Brave as your main browser on all your devices, give permission to Brave to display the maximum (5) ads per hour, and you'll easily clear $5.00 a month - on each device.  The best part about this browser is that it has a built in ad-blocker that even works with YouTube for a commercial-free viewing experience.  Install Brave on to a virtual computer on your PC to double your profits.

CPU/GPU Cryptocurrency Mining (Honeyminer) - $50.00+ a month

Hop on over to Honeyminer and download the application.  It'll scan your computer and tell you exactly what you stand to earn every month.  The better your graphics card, the higher the earnings.  If you don't have a GPU, check out CPU mining applications.  Just be aware, you'll need a dual-core CPU or better to make anything over $1.00 a month.  Honeyminer also rents computing power (up to 2500 MH/s).

Farm Cryptocurrency Faucets - $1-100.00 (hit them all)

This article has the most updated list of cryptocurrency faucets.  Just sign up to as many as you can, and stop by everyday to claim free money.  Get a reliable wallet and just keep'em in there for a rainy day.  The article also lists faucets with monthly sweepstakes like Cointiply.  Sign-up is free, so just do it already. 

AdWallet - $10.00 a month

Download AdWallet and watch up to two 30 second commercials a day, at $0.50 per commercial watched.  All you have to do is answer a single question at the end that proves you watched it, and the money goes straight into your AdWallet account.  Cash out directly to a bank account at the $10.00 mark.  Earn $1.00 automatically after sign-up with this link.

Plasma Donation (2x per week) - $400.00 a month

Plasma donation is easy.  If you're in the U.S., you can donate twice per week.  Most clinics will offer first time incentives that can total up to $500.00 for the first month.  Drink plenty of water, and your donation will only take 45 minutes per visit.

Medical Research Questionares - $50.00+ (variable) per questionnaire

Questionnaires will ultimately result in a phone consultation to review your application.  Be honest, because they'll check up on your story.  M3 Global Research will pay out the most (I've seen up to $150.00 per questionnaire) for skin conditions, like eczema.  And, there are no fewer than 3 opportunities per week.  So, if you have skin disorders and just found out about M3, then you've likely just hit the jackpot.

Lose Weight For Money (no kidding) - 22% return on investment

With HealthyWage, you'd typically need to wager you're own money in order to get a return on your investment; the catch being that you'll need to lose a certain amount of weight before a set deadline.  However, HealthyWage is running a FREE promotion where if you pledge to lose 6% of your weight over 12-weeks, you can claim part of a $5,000 pot. This is a FREE challenge, and you only need to sign up.  You have nothing to lose, except weight.   

Binance Cryptocurrency Staking - up to 240% Apy (variable based on currency being staked)

If you don't already know about staking on Binance, you are missing out BIG.  Essentialy, Binance will take custody of your tokens for a predetermined amount of time (a time which YOU set).  In exchange, they are awarding INSANE returns (go check it out yourself).  APY varies greatly dependent on the currency your're willing to "stake."  But, 40%+ APY is currently the norm.    

Retail Arbitrage (Auction Sniper) - Variable

If you're not familiar with the auction sniper, then you're missing out on huge opportunities.  Retail Arbitrage usually entails running around to different stores in order to hunt the best prices on hot items in order to scalp them.  This is too much work so I stick to eBay.  All you have to do is search auctions of popular, high value products with high resale value (think tablets, and smart phones).  Scout the auctions that have been clumsily listed (ie. auction ends at 3:45 am on Saturday).  Camp out until the auction is about to close, and with 5 seconds remaining, bid on your product - you will win every time once you get the hang of it.  Simply resell your item locally (think "Let Go" or "Craigslist") to avoid shipping fees.  

Freelance Writer (Fivver) - $10.00 per 100 words

You can start freelancing on Fivver.  Although, you might have to slash your prices until you can earn a reputation of reliability and professionalism, but it is easy money for anyone who's savvy enough to draw "inspiration" from the internet.  The majority of the articles written on Fivver are from scammers copy and pasting articles for their clients.  So if you put in the effort, it won't be hard to stand out from the crowd.  Also don't sell yourself short - I'd rather spend $25.00 on a 500 word article than $5.00.

Farm Tips on Publish0x

Just kidding...

Forex/Crypto Trading (limit order, limit sell)

Anyone who's been doing this for a while will tell you to just "buy low, and sell high", because it really is quite easy to get into.  Just don't conflate beginner's luck with expertise.  Open a Forex account, and practice with house money for a while until you get the hang of trading.  And remember, don't get greedy - $100.00 a month (in the green) is a respectable start.

Blogging with Referral Links (Coil, Publish0x)  - $50.00+ per month

I personally know a 15 year old who was bummed out because his YouTube videos only had 5000 views.  If a kid can do it, you can do it.  Set up as many blogs as you can, and build your reputation.  Blog everyday about things you're interested in, because it will show in your writing.  Once you have a couple of posts, go back and start adding your referral links - get a referral fee for everything you can.  Some successful writers eventually end up selling their blogs (as much as $10,000), so be mindful about the type of material you publish.  Monetize everything, but also enjoy your experience.

Learn About Cryptocurrency (Coinbase) - $150.00 (variable)

Coinbase and CoinMarketCap both offer opportunities to learn about new projects in the "cryptospere", and they're paying you to do so.  In both cases, it requires you to sign up to their program (Coinbase requires identification).  Simply watch the videos they have available, and take a quiz.  A passing score will score you free money (up to 150.00) for your attention.


Most of what I listed above doesn't require start up funds to get going.  And if they do, you've been equipped with methods to raise the capital with ZERO out-of-pocket costs.

If you need some help converting your cash to cryptocurrency, check out my last article: Send Your Microjob Money To Bitwage, and Cash Out To Crypto.  








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50% Life Hacks, 50% Illegal Scams sourced from around the web. For informational and educational purposes only. Use good judgement before attempting anything you read here.

First Post Is Important Post.
First Post Is Important Post.

50% Life Hacks, 50% Illegal Scams sourced from around the web. For informational and educational purposes only. Use good judgement before attempting anything you read here.

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