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By Ignis fatuus | Decentralized gaming | 15 Jun 2022

FlipFam is a free predictions and trivia app that rewards you with football related NFTs.

You can download it following this link, Flipfam. The link has a referral, you'll be given your first NFT.

To make a prediction or answer a trivia you have to swipe.


There are many ways to be rewarded an NFT.


In the app you'll have to insert you're polygon address, there are no fees to be paid.

As you succeed in your predictions, swiping left and right like you have to punish your fingerprints, you'll gain level and more rare NFTs.


I'm currently in expert level. 

I have mixed feeling about becoming royalty, I think I'll stick to expert.


This is part of what I've collected in the last few months.


On opensea you'll find the collection under the hidden tab. On the collected you won't find anything.


The sexy girl with bikini has been sent to me without my consent. I don't think who created the voluptuous art understands what a bikini is.

In the whitepaper (link at the end) you can find the roadmap.


In conclusion this is a viable alternative to the endless list of faucet clicking games. At least you're going to swipe giving rest to finger joints.







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Ignis fatuus
Ignis fatuus

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Decentralized gaming
Decentralized gaming

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