TuruVerse : The new age Metaverse with unique WEYE concept

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 15 Dec 2022



TuruVerse is a MetaVerse created by TuruGlobal team. It is an ever expanding virtual world, where people can come to play, engage, learn and earn. Interaction is rewarded and inhabitants will earn reverse tax paid from income from advertising and rent.

TuruVerse is the creator of WeEarnYouEarn (#WEYE) concept, which creates a sustainable long term ecosystem for both users and investors. It means the users earn a share of the real revenue generated by the platform instead of the in-game tokens which are quite prevalent these days in the #P2E domain. The challenge of these tokens is that they loose value over time as supply increases since it is not backed by real income. #WEYE solves this challenge by using real platform income to buy back #BBT (BabyTuru) tokens from the market and sharing with the players and residents. The income is generated by property sales, shop rentals, advertisement space rentals, event management, and movie screening to name a few.


Metaverse is a rapidly growing industry with immense potential. The market is expected to exceed $47 billion by 2022; while projections for 2030 estimate that the figure will reach $680 billion.

With approx 400 million users the concept is already gaining traction and as opposed to solely a virtual world, the metaverse is considered to be the next version of the internet that will persistently and immersively merge the physical and digital world.


TuruVerse caters to the needs of varied user base; be it a gamer, investor, student, business house or a normal individual wanting to have some entertainment or to socialize. TuruVerse is accessible to all and doesn’t require any prior blockchain knowledge. Any non crypto user can directly log into TuruVerse and enjoy the experience, play games, attend events and also earn in the process. For blockchain enthusiasts currently TuruVerse will be available on Ethereum, Matic, BSC, TRON, Avalanche, BTTC.

There are various ways to earn both active and passive income in TuruVerse:

  • Play: Play games, complete mission and earn rewards.
  • Resident: Own a property in TuruVerse and earn inverse tax (i.e get paid for being a resident).
  • Commercial: Own commercial properties and earn rental income.
  • Associate: Become a marketing associate and earn on revenue generated.


Residentil apartments will are available in 5 different price categories ($125-$2750). The apartments makes the buyer an inhabitant and creates tax income (inverse tax). The residents earn from a 3% pool of all future property mints and 10% of commercial revenue generated in TuruVerse. It also allows users to own commercial properties to rent them out and earn.

TuruVerse will put commercial property spread across the state. The opportunities here are endless. At the beginning the following properties will be launched:

  • Shops
  • Galleries
  • Cinema Hall
  • Bar

There will also be in-house properties for users to explore, learn and earn:

  • Arcade gaming area
  • Parcours obstacke course
  • Hide and seek
  • The incredible maze
  • Event Arena
  • Schools
  • Info Centers


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