How much NETH will you earn for HODLing NOLE? Illustration

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 2 Oct 2020


Dear Nole Family,

By now we are sure you would have heard the news about the good news of NETH rewards for NOLE holders. Through this article we will explain how much rewards you will earn.

  1. The reward is divided in 2 parts:
    1. A snapshot has been taken on 28th Sep and all wallets which provide their ETH address by cutoff time [31st Oct, 2020] will receive 0.5 NETH for every NOLE captured during the snapshot.
    2. A second snapshot will be done on a random day within a week post the cutoff date of 31st Oct 2020 and those wallets will receive 0.5 NETH for every NOLE captured during this second snapshot.
    3. Minimum criteria is 100 NOLE to be eligible for the Airdrop.
  2. Post the cut-off time a claim page will be activated from where you will be able to redeem your NETH onto your metamask address.

Now you have 3 options; buy more NOLE or sell NOLE or do nothing.

For illustration purpose lets assume you had 1000 NOLE in any of your TRON wallet ( not exchange / in DEX orders).

Illustration 1:

You decide to buy more NOLE:


 Illustration 2:

You decide to sell NOLE:


Illustration 3:

You decide to do nothing:



So to summaries; more NOLE leads to more NETH.

To know more checkout:

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