Annepan FUD Spray : Bringing NFT breeding to TRON

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 16 Dec 2022


Humor is one of the best antidotes of Stress! So why not chase out the stress out of your life with some humorous Annepan FUD Spray !

Annepan FUD spray is the first NFT collection on TRON dedicated to Women. Women with their emotional strength and objectivity are great at managing the ups and downs of life. This series is dedicated to them using their creativity and humor to fight the FUD life throws at us.

These are 3 layer NFTs with a base background of DWP Tower, layer of women wulf NFTs with traits and a third layer of meme texts sharing various life hacks.


This is the second series of DWP collection which introduces the concept of breeding leading to the third collection of the series.

  • Owners of 2 DWP (Deba’s Wulf Pack ) + 1 AFS ( Annepan FUD Spray) will get a free mint of MBW ( Michael Baby Wulf)
  • MBW will also come with embedded next ebook of DWP series: ‘THE SPRITUAL CRYPTO WHALE’ (as unlockable content) written by Debasish Das ( )
  • The quantity of AFS will be limited to ONLY 400 on TRON thus making it exclusive and easier for users to trade.
  • The collection thus leads to increased adoption of NFTs as a tool to usher ebook domain to #Web3 .
  • The count of MBW will also be limited to max 400 on TRON

Know more about DWP at:

AFS (Annepan FUD Spray) is dedicated to a positive and mentally strong lady in crypto! Annepan  hails from Europe, a loving mother of 2 fantastic children. She has been part of TRON Family since early 2018. She is very creative; we feel a lot of community members have already seen her artwork on social media as well as on portal. She and her spouse have also supported many philanthropic causes on TRON Blockchain. Annepan is a firm believer of facing challenges head-on. Further she is not the one who will sit down and worry about problems; rather she thinks out of the box and always works on figuring out solutions. This positive mindset of her, lead to the creation of Annepan FUD Spray (AFS).

MBW ( Michael Baby Wulf) will be dedicated to charming, fun, dynamic Salsa Mike with the theme of extending the Wulf family and thus extending the storyline. More info on Michael will be released at the time of MBW launch; however one can follow him at:


More Info:

AFS Mint Link:

DWP Mint Link:

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