An ecosystem brewing within TRON: NoleCoin

An ecosystem brewing within TRON: NoleCoin

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 29 Aug 2020


NoleCoin is a project which was launched in late 2018 and in approx 1.5 years has built a nice sulf sustainable eco-system on the TRON blockchain platform. In this article we have a quick summary of what NoleCoin eco-system comprises of:

NOLEX - Trading Exchange:

NoleX is a trading exchange build by the NOLE Ecosystem on the TRON Blockchain. It is an integral part of the Project NOLE as it helps in connecting with the crypto community. NoleX ( is a CEX (centralized exchange) which means it doesn't just run on a single blockchain ( TRON),its similar to big exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, OkEx, Bittrex, etc.



⦁ Being a CEX it will be possible to integrate other blockchain and tokens running on them.

⦁ NoleX will list tokens on ETH, IOST, EOS, etc in the near future.

⦁ Choosing a CEX mode also enables the exchange to trade in-game assets (seeds, fruits, tools, etc) of NoleLegends (since those are NOT Tron tokens).

⦁ Projects adopting NoleX will also be able to get BTC/ETH trade pairs thus helping them in global adoption.

⦁ In the future, NoleX will assist in aspirations of Project NOLE becoming a TRON SR.

⦁ Low trading fee (0.1% for normal trade; 0.05% for using $NOLE as trading fee).

Earn lifetime 10% trade fee income from an unlimited count of referrals.

⦁ A single platform for trading both TRON tokens and NoleLegends game assets.

⦁ 5% of $NOLE earned as a trading fee is burnt every month thus reducing the supply and helping boost the valuation of Holders.

⦁ 5% of the Listing fee generated will be used for $NOLE buyback and burn.

⦁ Faucet to earn free crypto tokens.



NoleLegends aims to be the game that bridges the gap between gamers and philanthropy with blockchain. We aim to create a fun experience that gamers can enjoy for years to come, which also speaks to its audience in an inconspicuous and cleverly disguised educational system. A system where we can touch on important subjects like climate change and poverty in such a way that player can attempt to fix the situation through understanding, compassion, and work. This experience can not only be fun and inspiring it can also be extremely positive in reducing the helplessness many people feel when confronted by these specific global issues in real life. It will be one of the most exciting collectibles DApp in the space created to explore the gaming community and Esports (online gaming). It is in full development right now supported by our currencies.


Nole Philanthropy:

Elon Musk's philanthropic approach inspired us and made us believe that bringing technology to charity is the key to improve and transform the way charities work. We at NoleCoin are implementing blockchain technology to create a platform that provides a large array of services and solutions to revolutionize the philanthropy sector by bringing in greater transparency, faster transaction time, and greater trust. The core philosophy of NoleCoin project is to use blockchain in the domain of Charity and NoleCoin acts as the underlying currency for the initiative. People across the globe can contribute to the charity of their choice in just a few seconds by using the $NOLE token. Team NoleCoin has already conducted 9 successful fundraising events. As the awareness spreads about NoleCoin Project transparency, ethics and caring heart more charities will get onboarded.



Project NOLE Tokens ($NOLE and $AMSK):

⦁ Current NOLE users: 13017

⦁ Current AMSK users: 31960

⦁ The currencies are verified by Tron and available for trading on all TRON exchanges 24/7!

⦁ Gained partnerships and listings with the biggest players in the TRON scene.

⦁ A competent international team with skills and knowledge on blockchain development, marketing, and mass adoption.

⦁ Big focus on creating utility and use-cases in the upcoming years.

⦁ A lock-up plan for our investors to protect and increase the value of the ecosystem in the long term.

⦁ Token Burn mechanism to control inflation and upgrade token valuation.

⦁ Plans to increase our products and service to 15 blockchain-based products.

⦁ These products will be made on the basis of need & feedback of the costumers.


Online Products:

Nole Merchandise:

Nole Merchandise is a cool collection of NOLE branded clothing. Url->

Nole Books:

NOLE book is the first part of the story series about how an individual who was inspired by the value systems of business tycoons Mr. Elon Musk and Mr. Justin Sun met a bunch of strangers on social media and went about creating a cryptocurrency/blockchain project which today has users across the globe. It is an inspiring story about building a business from scratch and making it successful in spite of challenges.

Worldwide / USA:

VIP Club:

NOLE follows the principle of 'inclusive growth'. It means all the Core supporters (VIP group) are co-owners of the project and are eligible for lifetime income through all NOLE products.


VIP Enrollment entitles you to:

⦁ Unique personalized VIP Pass.

⦁ Become a co-owner and earn from the turnover of all NOLE Products. VIP Pool (passive income)comprises of turnover:

⦁ 1% of NoleLegends

⦁ 1% of NoleX

⦁ 1% of Merchandise

⦁ 5% of Nole Books

⦁ 5% of Nole Ads

⦁ Entry into the exclusive VIP Telegram group.

⦁ A welcome goodie bag of partner tokens.

⦁ Become part of the voting process that has an influence on the progress of the project.

⦁ Be part of an alliance with many TRON projects on the Network.

⦁ Exclusive eligibility for airdrops, not only of Nole and TRX but also of our future partners as well.

⦁ Exclusive eligibility of NOLE airdrop whenever the VIP community has a new paid member.

⦁ Earn tokens and more by participating in monthly VIP bounty and performing Fun tasks.

⦁ Participate in dice games by #signup and other fun events.

⦁ Participate in AMA (Ask me Anything) events where we introduce Crypto projects to the NOLE family.

Dividend Program:

The program is designed to help holders of $NOLE earn passive income in form of in-game token $AMSK. The distribution is done on a weekly basis as per the below mentioned grid:


Important links:

⦁ NEW: VIP Holder locations:

⦁ Medium:

⦁ Facebook:

⦁ Telegram chat :

⦁ Telegram Updates:

⦁ Instagram:

⦁ Twitter:(NOLE)

⦁ Twitter (NL):

⦁ Twitter (CHARITY)

⦁ Twitter (AMSK)

⦁ Youtube:

⦁ CoinGecko:

⦁ Instagram:


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