Dan Republike

Dan Republike

By ervin-lemark | Dear Diary | 29 Nov 2020

Zabranjeno pušenje, Sarajevo, 2018


November 28th, the birthday of the Republic of Yugoslavia, once was a national holiday.

Today it's a memory of some other time, some other reality. The reality when people actually cared for each other. When values were real values. When we had little and had more than enough. When we had each other.

Today, in this alienated and muzzled world, profit is the main value. We, people, are just fodder for multinational companies, consumers to be consumed and thrown away. We are being separated and isolated. We live in false democracy and are supposed to be happy. If we are not happy then we are deviant, ill, and must be cured.

Where do I get off this ship of fools?
Where can I go?


Are there really no answers to these simple questions?

All I want is to leave a peaceful and normal life without corrupt politicians, puppets on their own strings, on all levels of the food chain telling me how to think and what (not) to do.

I have my own mind and own desires which are not yours. I am not a puppet n your strings!


Better and better!


Husband, father, dog person, recreational runner, loves to travel, IT pro. Fascinated by old and new, from Oracle to blockchain and everything in between.

Dear Diary
Dear Diary

Daily rumblings. Maybe, not every day. It's a bag to throw stuff into that doesn't fit in any other blog ... If you dare, follow how my life meanders through subjective reality. Or is it illusion*

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