Binance Launchpool Reef Finance (REEF) Farming Day 5

Binance Launchpool Reef Finance (REEF) Farming Day 5

By EliteHodler | Yield Farming & De-Fi | 28 Dec 2020

Hey! Binance recently introduced Farming for Reef Finance (REEF) on Binance Launchpool, which you can read about it here,

This is my update for farming it for 5 days. I started staking on the 23rd of December 2020 @ 21:03 GMT in the BNB-REEF pool. I initially started staking 0.98050000 BNB for the first day and a half. Then I moved to 1.58460000 BNB, I went back to just 1 BNB because I was trying different different projects (OG, ATM & ASR) moved to 0.19590000 BNB and as of right now I'm currently staking 1 BNB and used the rest to claim some NFT'S and to cover the extremely low gas fees for PancakeSwap. You receive your rewards every hour, you don't have to claim then right away but you can. I receive my payment every 3 minutes past the hour.

Here is my distribution history (For Today): 




By staking for a few days I have accumulated 25.4951 REEF In rewards!


If you want to stake on the BNB-REEF Pool:

Read the full announcement here: 

Thank you for reading.

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