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Play to Earn Crypto Gaming

By Blockchainerzz | De-cryptocurrency | 30 Dec 2021

I’m not certain how mainstream the cryptocurrency gaming trend has become. If it hasn’t hit mainstream news yet, it needs to. It is probably, in a way, every video game      enthusiast’s dream come true.

Video games that allow you to earn real money through the use and participation within their game. That’s was very broad way of saying that there are so many games out there right now offering opportunities to earn valuable cryptocurrency, digital assets, and more.

I recently tried to jump right into this new trend head first. Needless to say, having little cryptocurrency knowledge and with even less gaming experience, I was very overwhelmed with my research. There are so many startup projects right now that are not even launched yet surrounding this new trend in play to earn games.

So where does the average person start? How do you get into something that you have no prior experience with?

Well in the cryptocurrency world, I believe the answer you would get is DYOR. That stands for “do your own research". You can read as many articles like this as you want or listen to the various suggestions from the many different affiliated individuals, but you will gain the most from simply trying out the games yourself.

Once I actually started playing the games myself, I was able to find several promising projects with opportunities to earn that are pre-launch or just launching right now. I felt more connected to the projects with games I was actually able to play already.

The beauty of this is, basically, you can have the chance to invest in games that will be just as big as the Sims or Call of Duty before they gain popularity. Let’s face it, the gaming industry is enormous and only growing. The amount of money that people waste in the gaming industry is a gross number.

Early investing is not the only way to gain from this either. Cryptocurrency games are different in that they offer people an opportunity to, instead of waste their money, invest it into the game that they play. Money spent in the crypto gaming platforms can, potentially, generate a substantial income.

Don’t let this pass you by. I will be publishing more articles about the games that I’ve been playing, as well as, different places where you can find out about the other games that are becoming available. There are so many out there, you’ll definitely want to do your own research and choose the games that fit your personal preferences.






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