By Blockchainerzz | De-cryptocurrency | 30 Dec 2021

As promised, here is a start to listing the games that I have played that are crypto play to earn games. is pretty unique. In comparison to the other games that I’ve seen so far, this one is different. It’s challenging and it’s fun and I also feel as though it kind of enhances your skills with the candlestick trading view.

The currency was in the game is called pickies and while it is not a cryptocurrency at the time of this writing, it will be soon.

The game is a free to play browser game. You can earn the pickies playing the game without any investment. It has plenty of competitions within the community to keep you on your toes and it offers both Solo or dual gameplay.

It’s still early enough with this one to get in on it before it gets popular I’d say the users of the game are probably at best a few thousand. It’s a fun game as well so it will grow in popularity, I have no doubt.


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