Welcome to the all-new DBuzz Weekly News! VOL 5

Welcome to the all-new DBuzz Weekly News! VOL 5

By DBuzz | D.Buzz | 18 Jan 2023

Hey DBuzzers!
Welcome back to Hive News!

This newsletter is here to keep you in the loop about the fantastic content that Hive has generated over the past week. We've scoured the platform to find the best of the best and present it to you here. These incredible, chosen creators have brought some truly spectacular work to the Hive, and we can't wait to share it with you. Whether looking for the latest news, fun entertainment, or thought-provoking art, Hive News has something for everyone!
So please sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the week's most popular posts.

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Tune in for 3 Interviews online with the DBuzz co-Founder @nathansenn

Today is a special day for us at our company, as our co-founder, @nathansenn, will be offering his expertise to the masses! He'll be appearing in 3 different podcasts and online conversations. So make sure to tune in and listen to him share his ideas and perspectives on DBuzz and on HIVE -- you won't want to miss out!

Tuesday, January 17, 4 PM EST : NoDegree.com #TwitterSpace

First off. You won't want to miss this upcoming NoDegree.com talk with DBuzz co-Founder @nathansenn on Tuesday, January 17, 4 PM EST. Get ready to learn from one of the leading innovators and disruptors in the tech space. Tap into the insights, advice, and strategies that @nathansenn has to share. Don't miss out – tune into the NoDegree.com #TwitterSpace and get ready to be inspired!

Tuesday, 7 PM EST : #HiveChat via Twitter

Not only is he kicking off the day with an insightful interview, but he will also be hosting this week's #HiveChat in the evening. Scheduled for 7 PM EST on January 17th, this chat will buzz with conversation and insight. It's sure to be a lively and engaging evening, so don't miss it!

Tuesday, 8:15 PM EST : #HiveSpace via Twitter

When the clock strikes 8:15 PM EST, @nathansenn will be on #HiveSpace via Twitter to shake things up! On this broadcast, Nathan will be posting and asking questions. This is an excellent opportunity to get your DBuzz questions answered, so don't miss out! Tune in at 8:15 PM EST to get unique questions through the eyes of a savvy guest on #HiveSpace.

Last week's activities

@nathansenn and @dbuzz were mentioned in an article by @arcange https://peakd.com/hive-139531/@arcange/hiveauth-update-dotnet regarding the Hive Authentication Service and reflected @nathansenn's ongoing commitment to D.Buzz and the Hive platform. Thank you to @chrisrice for setting up these interviews and providing inspiration and motivation!

@nathansenn was also a guest on The Crypto Maniacs Show last week by @jongolson and @taskmaster4450 . . you can watch the video of the show here:



Some things I'd like to focus on in 2023 involving Hive by @acidyo

We're already on half of the 1st month of 2023, so let's start this week with how OP wants to keep everything transparent in terms of costs and transactions but at the same time also value those looking to grow the Hive ecosystem. This project strives to drive traffic towards any and all front-ends on Hive with incentives to share #web3 content. One of the biggest focuses indicated here is to grow the POSH ecosystem in terms of usages and its currency, in a way to tokenize some of the communities through fair airdrops and solid plans so they'll stand out.

Hive Keychain Mobile v1.11 by @keychain

Sharing this article on how Hive Engine token history has been updated-- see your entire transfer history, including delegations, savings, conversations, claims and power up/down. Also see the list of your incoming and outgoing delegations as well as search by type in the search bar.

Hive Authentication Services - Microsoft .NET apps integration by @arcange

More updates on your way about integrating HiveAuth with Unity-- a real-time 3D development platform for building 2D and 3D applications, using.NET and C# programming languages. It would be a revolution in the gaming industry and a serious booster for the recognition of our platform. OP shared about creating a class called CryptoJS that can easily integrate into your own projects. The CryptoJS.cs class and demo project are open-source and available on Github. Read more from the link above! ⬆️

WOO Land: Complete Utility Guide by @wrestorgonline

Check out this new game I've encountered from WOO (Wrestling Organization Online), where in-game land plays a crucial role. Players can purchase and own individual plots of land (Cities), each City will have its own unique variables that will affect the player's ability to hold shows and earn revenue. Upgrades to the venue, buildings, and City will also require $WOO who is also introducing a new concept of NFT cities, where players will be able to build venues on their land. If I can't explain the complex world-building of this awesome game close enough, read more from OP's article up top! ⤴️

Terracore: Devlog #3 - Progress Report & $SCRAP by @terracore

Getting real interested with these Blockchain games I'm just now encountering, and for the gamers out there who lean more towards the sci-fi genre, here's one sharing from OP's post on Terracore's Revenue model which will be driven by a one time account creation free in $HIVE that will then powerup, curate content, and use the revenue earned in the ecosystem to keep the server costs paid for. The Map scene here is starting to be built and shows the stats in Realtime about circulating and staked $SCRAP-- the token to be mined in-game.

Thanks for joining us this week, if you have a story you would like us to cover, send us a message on Discord!

See you next Week!

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