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By DBuzz | D.Buzz | 10 Jul 2023


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Bull or Bear Cebu Speakers and Debaters by @philnews.xyz

After last week's Brushes and Pixels debate featuring a presentation by DBuzz co-owner @nathansenn, Bitskwela is back to announce an upcoming event this coming 15th of July at the Ayala Malls Central Bloc, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City, Philippines. With this being the 4th in their series of campaigns, DBuzz is surely here to assist in spreading awareness on the noise that presents Web3 as an industry.


Bitskwela has been actively advancing the crypto education landscape in the Philippines since its inception in January 2022, from localizing cryptocurrency education to organizing debates aimed at fostering collaboration and promotion of Web3 awareness in the country.

To reserve a seat for the on-site debates in Cebu City, the interested audience can secure their tickets through the https://bitskwela.com/bull-or-bear/ page. Read more about this on OP's site or on the linked article in the title! ⬆️

Share your Web3 soc media benefits here


Shoutout to Tony Rebamonte who went onboard on DBuzz (and Hive) under the username @tonyrebamonteph as DBuzz's Creative Partner as he tackles the social media problem that #Web3 has solved. In OP's words, "We joined the PH largest expo of 80K+ freelancers & creators in Pasig. It's not being #OnTrend but being there FIRST before the trend happens”. It really is about buzzing around to spread and pollinate who we are as a microblogging platform, and more! 😁

Schedule of DBuzz Podcasts and Newbie Orientation!

Leaving this here as a constant schedule from our ever-expanding team who has been busy on different and fixed scheduled projects. Don't miss out on the following days of the week!

☛ Every Monday, 8:30 PM Philippine time: Designated schedule of orientation for newbies to help them in signing up, available in Tagalog, Bisaya & English
Contact: @antonette

☛ Every Saturday, 8:30 PM Philippine time: DBuzz Podcast (Bisaya comedy radio)
Host: @antonette
Co-Host: @diosarich

☛ Every Sunday, 8:30 PM Philippine time: DBuzz Podcast (What'z Up DBuzz / Tagalog)
Host: @guruvaj
Co-Host: @iamraincrystal

Hey! We're so buzzy this week to scour the platform to find the latest updates and present them to you here too. So let's check out what's new on Hive!


Yearly Authors Challenge Status by @hivebuzz


Updates to our community's active engagers and passionate writers: here's the Yearly Author Badge on HiveBuzz as a fantastic initiative to encourage regular publishing! It's important for our dear authors to be mindful of the rules and guidelines though to ensure they qualify for the Yearly badge, so check out the details from OP's article. ⬆️

Blocktrades Ends Trading On Its Exchange And What It Means For Hive by @taskmaster4450


Some sobering news for traders who mainly transact here, while OP discusses the implication of this on Hive. Here is an article to read from the handlers themselves to shed light on things. Go and check out both features as attached for more details on the matter. ⬆️

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