Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz Vol.27

Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz Vol.27

By DBuzz | D.Buzz | 4 Jan 2021

Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz

For the week ending on : (1/3/2020) | Vol.27

What's Buzzing Friends...

New Year's, that means New Year's resolutions! One popular resolution is getting in shape and getting on the treadmill more often. It does feel like torture at times, the treadmill. The endless steps, endless walking ... not getting anywhere... And you know what, it was torture!

In 1818 an engineer by the name of "Sir William Cubitt", Design a device called the "Discipline Mill" or “tread-wheel". This English engineer is the Forefather designer of the modern treadmill (albeit rather unintentionally). He designed this monstrous device so that prisoners who were sentenced to do hard labor, would have hard labor to do. You can read about the device right HERE.

Up to 20 prisoners would stand around the heavy wooden wheel that had pegs coming out, and proceed to push this wheel in a giant never-ending circle. On average, they would move around the circle two times a minute, and in roughly one hour transverse 731 yards (0.67 km). Give or take this distance is about 13,000 to 18,000 steeps on your Fitbit. But they would not stop after one hour, they powered through 6 - 8 hours on end... worst part, no Pandora Play list rocking on their AirPods.

So next time you're at the gym and your Jazzercise instructor tells you to push harder, be grateful he doesn't have a whip you're not strapped to a treadmill, and be more grateful that today, right now, you're sitting here reading this Sunday update.

Let's put some steps in and get to this week's update from D.Buzz.

Last Sunday

Here's a link to the previous recap post from last Sunday. >> 12/27/2020 <<

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This Monday we asked you about what you are grateful for in the last year. If you answer it and it's kind of fun, you might just win some liquid hive!

Read it here:


Phew, lots of great things in this week's biweekly update. We talked about some new features that were release, and some features we are working on for the upcoming marketing push.

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Meet the D.Buzz Button! The handy-dandy bit of code you could put on your webpage and have your very own actual factual instant Buzz generator!

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Our community highlight this week was @dmhafiz, a dad and a Dr. who passes along very valuable health information to all of us in his very regular posts.

Read it here:


@SumatraNate Back with more great words for you to work on, learn and grow, and become more versed with the English language, health is your wealth and knowledge is power!

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The best way to start a new year is with reading some good inspirational posts from people. Here's our first collection New Year of those authors who we rewarded!

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See you all Monday!

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