#ESMpicks Round-up : Badge of Pawesomeness Picks : Year2-Vol. 07

#ESMpicks Round-up : Badge of Pawesomeness Picks : Year2-Vol. 07

By DBuzz | D.Buzz | 14 Dec 2022

#ESMpicks Round-up
Badge of Pawesomeness Picks Year2-Vol. 07

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Who knew holidays would be so stressful? If you're a kid, you most definitely won't know what this season od consumerism means, but once you're old enough to be required to spend on your own, it'll probably take every ounce of your willpower to NOT want to plan a getaway for yourself instead. Which makes this recreational park as shared by @rem-steem look like a perfect momentary stroll in a literal park! More curious as to how this place is set up though with its various other structures that seem to be otherwise deserted-- might as well trade being inquisitive to having a form of peace of mind in this instance. (⌒_⌒ ;) Image from @@rem-steem post Speaking of peace of mind, other places that are considered relaxing for most people are well, coffee shops! Now personally I'm not much of a coffee person, but there seems to be something buzzing about in these sorts of places decked in caffeine and whatnot, and the only thing that keeps these rise of cafes apart is their ingenuity when it comes to being their own brand and place that can provide a nice and cozy ambiance, much like Ut Tich coffee shop as shared by @thaotrantk ---where I found the homey oriental decors and setting perfect in the way they're going for an earthy feel of the surroundings, add the fact that they've also got a number of potted plants to go with the flow of soothing energy with your dose of caffeine. (˵♡ᴗ♡) ☕ Image from @thaotrantk post       On the topic of letting in the soothing energy by being surrounded by anything of the earth that can help calm you, if you're not much of an outdoor person though, why not just bring the surreal landscape of the great outdoors into the comforts of your own home with the act of painting, much like how @caydenshan shared this beautiful creation of his inspired from the super moon, which really is a piece worthy of awe with how the night landscape being illuminated by the mystical moon here is quite surreal! And is that snow just fluttering in the canvas? Getting ready for the colder days of winter just ahead of us? It's definitely quite a masterpiece to behold. (。•̀ᴗ -)☆ image from @caydenshan post       Not forgetting that the colder days ahead that come with winter also comes with a much celebrated holiday for parts of the world, which is Christmas! And this jolly season always brings with it a tradition of presents and gift-giving under a creatively set up Christmas tree! But what if you've got too lil a floor space but still want a green hunk of wood displayed? Well just so happens @artsugar is here to save the season of cheers with this crocheted tree that can be stuck to any free wall space! One thing that also came to mind with this nifty trick is if you've got cats--- tree climbing / wrecking balls of fur that'll hasten the season before you can even say Hohoho and place your gifts under a traditional tree. So my takeaway with making this is if you really put your mind into planning something, then you're already halfway there! image from @artsugar post     Last but most definitely not the least in the takeaways for this week, are these wise words as shared by @apunawu and being able to embrace any attitude of doubt that could cause one's stress for this time of the year and part of it is being bale to manage one's budget, especially during the time when we've got a few several people we'd like to bestow gifts to-- but for real here is that if you do spend way beyond you're intended limit, that can really cause one stress and it's best to avoid that especially during these times if you don't want to have a semblance of being The Grinch.( ͡°Ɛ ͡°) image from @apunawu post

Again a huge heartfelt thanks to all of you who have posted such amazing content. I hope to include you all in future Roundup posts!

For now, this ESM (Epic, Smile, Maker) is signing off.

Have a great day!

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