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D.Buzz Bi-Weekly Development Update Report Vol.30 :

D.Buzz Bi-Weekly Development Update Report Vol.30 :

By DBuzz | D.Buzz | 9 Feb 2021

D.Buzz Bi-Weekly Development Update Report Vol.30 :

Hello Developers and D.Buzz Users.

As you know D.Buzz is more than just a short-form content Dapp, we are here to promote freedom of speech and connectivity between people. Today we have an exciting bombshell of an announcement or rolling out.

Introducing HIVE.PM




HIVE.PM is a new service that will be rolling out next Tuesday. It is currently an Alpha version of a Blockchain-based crypto chat using Memo Keys, but built on HIVE!

NOTE : This is just the Alpha version and will only cover Direct Messaging, but we will follow it up with HIVE Group Chats enhancement and better security features by adding another layer of encryption to the messages that are exchanged, but in due time.

Even better news, we plan on offering all of this (and more) to other Hive Dapps via API and, Open Sourcing it all THIS YEAR!

Expect more news about this shortly, and its rollout to be next Tuesday, the 16th.

Long-Form Version of D.Buzz

The Long-Form enhancement to D.Buzz will also be released next Tuesday the 16th (or at the least, there will be a sneak preview of what it will look like.).

We will format the Dapp in such a way that short-form & long-form content will both be possible, but the emphasis on D.Buzz will always remain about MicroBlogging (*it's sort of what we do).

We Hear You and are Working to Better it!

A few D.Buzz users & the good people over at @hivewatchers have mentioned that the Buzz's from @risingstargame appeared to frequently in their news feed, with what some suggested was low-quality content.

We had a conversation with @hivewatchers about this, and we are taking their advice!

To improve, we'll be adding a feature to the "Buzz embed button", where Webmasters can choose if they want to Buzz long-form or short-form content.

As per the advice of @hivewatchers, we will try to help @risingstargame replicate @actifits success of longer-form content, via our Buzz embed button.

If they want their users to Buzz long-form content, it will show up in the Blog section of D.Buzz, if not the D.Buzz main feed. We hope this will reduce some of this content that people may deem low-quality.

Marketing and Onboarding Push

This is still 100% on our agenda, and we are making progress towards our goal. The goal is and still is to onboard 1,000 - 3,000 users by March 31, 2021 and will try to make a major push in onboarding soon.

Some factors outside our control happened which had set us back a bit however, we work through this and are realigning!

Team Growth

We are also looking to add yet another developer to the team, and are in the process of interviewing someone we are interested in.

Currently, our All-Star team consists of three full-time and one part-time developer. We are working to onboard one more full-time Dev this month.

With this addition, we will continue to meet our development and progress goals across our suite of HIVE apps. That brings us to our last update.

There is More!

You know the thing about icebergs, that there's always more beneath the surface. The same is true here. There is more we haven't released yet and that information will be released in one of our future Tuesday #ProjectUpdates.

We encourage you to subscribe and like our hive blog Here, or join us on Discord here, to be kept up-to-date with all our projects.

Know someone that needs a HIVE account?

Any new user who signs up with the D.Buzz link below will be automatically delegated Hive Power from @dbuzz to get them Buzzing. :D



Make that HIVE link Tiny

Keep it short and to the point. Hive URL shortening service provided by D.Buzz. Just follow the link below and enter your long URL, presto change o' short URL.



  • What do you think of these updates and developments?

  • Are you excited about them?

  • How can we improve and be better?

Thank you for being with us on this journey, we have endless gratitude for all the support you have given.

Over and out.



D.Buzz is ...

Is a censorship-resistant short-form microblogging platform that empowers you to share your thoughts in 280 characters or less.

Censorship resistant and built for the community with love.

We strive to have fun and a neutral stance on topics. If you have any concerns with the content, please contact @jacuzzi, who writes and generates the content for our articles, or the @dbuzz team for clarification.



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D.Buzz is a decentralised censorship resistant social media app. Decentralised social media ensures transparency, prevents manipulation and protects the free speech of users on platforms like D.Buzz.


D.Buzz is a decentralised censorship resistant social media app. Decentralised social media ensures transparency, prevents manipulation and protects the free speech of users on platforms like D.Buzz. Using any HIVE account creation service, you can claim a HIVE account and generate your account keys for the ability to log into any DAPP built on top of the HIVE blockchain, including but not limited to D.Buzz. All with a single username + set of keys.

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