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By donekim | dblog | 13 Feb 2020


Hello, this is Dion. Yesterday (February 12) After eight months of design and development , the first alpha version of the Splinterland mobile app was released .


In today's post, we'll take a quick look at how to access and play Splinterland from an embedded browser within the Steam Wallet app.

#One. Connecting to Steemwallet


Steemwallet is a steam mobile wallet created by @roelandp. It supports not only the transfer of steam or steam dollars, but also a Dapp browser that can use steam or steam engine-based dapps such as steam engine and splinterland.

The UI / UX feels a bit lower than other cryptocurrencies on the market, but it can be useful when you need to use something on your mobile.

If you access the Splinterland Mobile Web App site ( ) via a mobile browser, you will need to enter a posting key when you log in. I will briefly explain how to do it.

Suppose you have already entered Steam account information (private key) in your Steam Wallet.

#One. How to connect to Splinterland


(1) Access the Steam Wallet app Browserand click on the icon at the top.

(2) Then touch the Splinterlands at the bottom of the games menu

(3) You will be redirected to the original Splinterland website. Touch the address bar and enter m.

(4) As the site is refreshed, you can see that you are connected to the mobile app web as above.


(5) USERNAMEEnter your account name in the field SIGN INand touch the button.

(6) When the transaction approval window appears sign & broadcast, touch at the bottom.

(7) If you confirm with your fingerprint or password, you can confirm that the login is completed as above.

#2. Basic UI


The basic web page is configured in landscape version, but in mobile app web, it is configured in portrait mode.

So (두번째 이미지)if you look at the battle screen , you can see that the battle is centered on the left center. If you are already familiar with the UI of a web page, this screen is a bit uncomfortable.

The interesting thing about mobile is that it supports chat (full or guild members) .

# 3. Unsupported features


  • The mobile version does not yet support the functions related to the Shop / Event / Guild menu .

  • Tournament won't be included in the daily quest for the time beingbecause the mobile app doesn't support the tournament feature .

#2. Things to improve


According to what yabab ( @yabapmatt ) said, the desktop website is now a pretty messed-up time, so it took eight months for the mobile app web page to develop from zero base . In addition, since it is based on the portrait screen of the phone, it took a lot of time to design.

(1) What about the landscape mode?

  • SuperCell's mobile games will automatically switch to landscape mode when you run the app. It is not necessary to be obsessed with portrait mode in a situation where many games are already fixed in landscape mode .

  • I've spent a lot of time and resources in portrait development so far, but from now on, I think it's better to fix it in landscape mode and work on development and design .

  • In portrait mode, it's hard to get the feel of playing Splinterland on a desktop web page, and setting up a deck in battle is inconvenient for players.

(2) Improved card selection screen

  • Personally, the name of the monster does not need to be displayed on the card selection screen. Currently, trying to retain too much information and keep the original format, the card is too big to scroll a lot.

  • We need to be able to distinguish between ALPHA and BETA cards well, and reduce the size a little by putting only close-up faces of characters.

  • The level of the card would be better to write 7/8, 10/10 instead of the original green letter . (It doesn't seem to mean that showing only the current card level in the original)

  • You may need to change the selection so that you can deselect it by touching the card in the top menu.

  • All six monster slots should be visible at a glance. (그래서 가로모드를 기본으로 할 수 밖에 없을 것 같습니다)

(3) Back menu support

  • In current Steam Wallet, if you touch the back menu of your phone, Steam Wallet itself is closed . So if you accidentally press back, you have to be careful because you can lose timeouts.

  • This part needs to be updated by @roelandp and not by the Splinterland team .

(4) improved loading speed

  • Since the UI for mobile is completely separate, the loading speed of the Battle Log or Top battle replays is extremely long.

Looking at the detailed information, Splinter Rand guide menu card group to feel well that paying them how meticulous efforts in the design of mobile apps, rampant with transfer mode I'd would not.

There are still a lot of unfortunate things about the alpha version, but I want to applaud the Splinterland team for their tremendous efforts despite the limited resources.

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