Homeschooling Disappointment in the Time of Covid

By DawnOctopus | Dawnoctopus_writes | 17 Jul 2020



This pandemic has been awful for everyone, and I am thankful that my family has been healthy (so far). However, just because we aren't sick doesn't mean that we aren't having a rough time. 


To begin with, the kids have been home since March. There are three of them, age 4, 8, and 12. I am not a teacher, I have never wanted to be a teacher, and I still don't want to be a teacher. However, I was a reluctant participant until school finally ended in the third week of June. I cannot describe how disheartening it was to fail all three of my children because I am only one person, and found it impossible to "teach" preschool, second grade, and fifth grade, all at the same time, on one computer and an iPad. There were times when all three of them had online meetings and I had to pick which two got to learn that day. Thankfully, school doesn't start here for another month, so we are in full vacation mode now.


Vacation Mode


Of course, vacation mode nowadays means we sit around the house staring at each other. Our real vacation was canceled, and now I am just counting down the days and dreading when homeschooling begins again.

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