10 Covid-19 Related Things You Can 3D Print for FREE



With a resurgence of Covid-19 happening around the world, you might want to use these FREE 3D print files. 


There are thousands of free 3D printable models out there, today we are going to focus on items related to Covid-19. This will include masks, ear savers, and more. All of these models are free to print and available on Thingiverse for anyone who has a free account. Please note - none of these models were made by me. I am merely curating a list of .STL files. Some of these models have a Creative Commons license for no commercial distribution, some do not. Simply check the bottom left-hand corner of each item's page and it will tell you. Stay safe and happy printing, everyone!


#1 - Clips to Make Paper Towel Mask -

These handy little clips can be kept in your car in case you accidentally forget to bring a mask with you and you need an "emergency" mask solution. All you need to make the mask is a napkin or paper towel, these clips, and something to use as the ear elastics like hair ties or rubber bands. They are quick to print, so print out a bunch and stick them in your glove compartment for when you need them.



#2 - Ponytail Earsaver -

If you have long hair, the typical earsaver can be tricky to use because it either gets lost in your thick hair or has to be awkwardly placed due to your ponytail. This earsaver solves those problems. It's the perfect solution if you have to have your hair up for work and are required to wear a mask. 



#3 - Mask Sewing Pleat Jig -

Sewing masks has never been faster than with this pleat jig. It prints very fast and will save you lots of time if you are making tons of masks. It also makes the pleats perfectly every time - which is more than I can say about my previous masks!



#4 - Ventilator Valve -

Has your local hospital put out a request for ventilator valves? You can help your community by printing and donating valves.



#5 - Fog-Free Glasses Piece -

If you have made or purchased masks that don't have a nose wire, you need to print up this fog-free glasses piece. It fits on any mask to help it fit better and will eliminate foggy glasses. This one is adult-sized. For a child-size, you should reduce the print by 20%



#6 - Unicorn Horn Face Shield -

Add a little whimsy into your day with this face shield that has a unicorn horn! This shield is completed with a clear plastic sheet that you can get at any office supply store. Perfect for anyone who works in a setting with kids, i.e. daycare or school.



#7 - Mask Strap Bias Tape Maker -

Not everyone likes the mask style that uses elastic straps. Some people prefer the kind that ties behind the head. Why waste your money buying tiny packs of bias tape at the store? Make your own with this handy bias tape maker!



#8 Cap Face Shield Clips -

Make any regular baseball cap into a face shield with these clips! If you prefer the look and comfort of a baseball hat instead of the typical shield, then these clips are for you. Three clips and a plastic sheet are all you need to make your favorite cap into a face shield.



#9 - Door Opening Button Pusher -

This handy little device can be used for quite a few tasks such as pushing elevator buttons, opening doors, and more - all without you having to touch any extra surfaces. This file also includes a holster for your new button-pushing tool.



#10 - Covid-19 Model -

Finally, just for a little fun, here is a printable Covid-19 model. 


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Happy Printing, Everyone!!


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