2020 - This too shall pass..

2020 - This too shall pass..

By Dave1280 | Dave1280 | 7 Jul 2020

I thought my first blog post on Publish 0x, should tell you a bit about how I ended up here in the crypto-sphere.

The last year or two I've been mentally held together by remembering the phrase I live by, a Persian adage, 'This too shall pass'. Why do I cling to this one phrase? Well, it keeps me positive that no matter how bad things seem at any given moment, it is only a temporary status, and in time it will pass. It also ensures that I keep myself grounded when things are going well, I remember to enjoy the moment, but knowing that in time 'this too shall pass'.

The last two years have been both a struggle, and perhaps a blessing. I wouldn't say that I was a 9-to-5er, as I'd have given my left hand and possibly one or two fingers from my right to be able to work those hours. I had given 10 years of my life to one company, who then decided to reach for the stars before they'd even invented a telescope.. 70 hour weeks for a year, under constant pressure, took it's toll and I ended up suffering from stress and eventually depression. To anyone that has been, or currently is, depressed you will know this is a game-changer for every part of your life.

I managed to escape that situation, and another 'experience' with a new employer.. let's just say some there were adverse to change, to say the least.

So, I found myself out of work in February 2020, just as the pandemic took hold globally, leaving me confined to my house with a very demanding 3 year old.. let's be honest, that's a given for a 3 year old! This was my chance, I thought, and I'll be damned if I don't take it!

A few months prior I had bought a few crypto currencies / tokens, with no other objective than to hodl and hope for the best. Since that time I was constantly researching various currencies and projects, both live and upcoming. My sudden confinement gave me the opportunity to dedicate every free minute (and the worrying thing is that that is not an exaggeration!) to learning more about the market, the currencies, tokens, projects and various trading strategies. Most importantly, it gave me time.. I was not going to step into another managerial role during the current pandemic.. I was not sure I wanted to anymore.. I wanted to prove that I could not only bring in extra £/$ or 2 through the expansive cyrpto-sphere, but that I could make enough to avoid the '9-to-5'.

Have I reached that stage?.. Am I going to spend the rest of my life sitting studying charts, tokens and projects, making calls on what to buy and when?.. I'm hopeful, and have made one hell of a good start, but.. I always remember 'this too shall pass'.. but I hope that it's not for a few years yet!

I'll be posting some thoughts on various projects and markets on this blog.. but will also use it to share some travel posts, as that will always be my passion!

Hope you enjoy my future posts, and if not.. then the only advise I can give is.. don't read anymore of them!


Crypto enthusiast and Travel lover


Crypto, Travel, Life.. All views and opinions are my own.. feel free to agree, disagree, follow, or ignore...

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