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Classes to be a good Chicken #14 🔔🔥 ¡Listed in Crytex24!

🔔 A long time without seeing the truth my dear chickens, today I bring you a news that will blow your mind, we are talking about our first listing in an Exchange, before starting I invite you to know more about this token. I will do? You can click or search for the tag "$DTZ", once that is said we can get started.

🎊 It was time, since the project was born, many of us have opened a hope that is an Exchange, because today we will teach you how you can vote to list in Crytex24, I know that many are eager to know so let's start:

🍁 We will start with Step Zero "(0)" Since it is one of the most basic: You must log in or register on this page, this is a mandatory requirement if you want to vote for us. It should be noted that also if you are already registered you can start the assignment with your Google account or Email.

Registration and Login in Crytex24

Registration and Login in Crytex24

📌 Once inside, you must go to the voting list and select the option from the list "DTZ", you must also buy the currency "C24" to be able to vote (⚠ Buying the currency "C24" is a necessary step since without she will not be able to vote ⚠).

C24 Currency Market

Market test of the C24

🌊 Once these points are clear, you must select "DATZ" by pressing "Vote", then you can print the number of votes you want for our Token. If you want you can vote thousands of times!


Voting in Court

🔥 Check the vote in your email. And ready to send the capture to the community before and after the vote and receive 5 empower, 1000 RNR and 100 dtz for each vote, which means if you cast 500 votes you will get 2500 empower 5000 RNR and 50000 DTZ.

👋This would really be everything for today, I hope you like it. I think that DATZ is a very significant Token that in addition to being new will change the economy of games today, With a chicken hug I say goodbye 🐣, see you in the next Class.

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Hi, I am a guy who is really excited to start his little project. I hope it goes very well with your support. Thank you!

Datz the Token that will change the world
Datz the Token that will change the world

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