Dash Launches FastPass Network For Professional Traders

By Fernando Gutierrez | Dash | 10 Sep 2020

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Dash has launched the FastPass network initiative, an accreditation that recognizes platforms and services within the trading ecosystem that have an enhanced user experience for Dash through the integration of InstantSend or ChainLocks. This functionality enables users to deposit, withdraw, and trade Dash with unparalleled speed and security. 

The FastPass network trading ecosystem features an extensive list of dozens of strategic partners (and growing) that provide an optimized experience to Dash users on their platforms. This includes an expanding list of top-tier exchanges and industry leading cryptocurrency services that offer a wide array of tools to traders such as margin trading, derivatives, OTC, trading bots, analytics, lending, custody, and staking solutions.  

“We’re not only bringing value to the Dash Network but to our FastPass partners and their users as well. This not only helps support our strategic partners but also raises awareness to users as to where they can experience what makes Dash best for traders. We have seen that utilizing Dash through our partners with this enhanced user experience, traders will see that Dash is scalable, easy, near-instant, secure, and highly affordable to transact and move between FastPass partner exchanges.”

Omar Hamwi, Business Development Manager at Dash Core Group

Dash is working so the initiative will be competitive with its peer cryptocurrencies given its speed, low cost of transactions, and large partner network that provides traders with an entire ecosystem where they can join, remain, and continue to benefit within and from the Dash Network. Full list of FastPass Accredited Partners available at: https://www.dash.org/fastpass-participants/

Full list of FastPass Accredited Partners available at: https://www.dash.org/fastpass-participants/

Exchanges and services receiving the accolade include Coinbase (and Pro), Liquid, KuCoin, HitBTC, Hummingbot, Quadency, Bibox, WhiteBIT, and Indodax among others. Trading bots will play a large role in the network as with Dash’s near instant transactions, human action becomes the slowest part of the trading process. Hummingbot’s liquidity mining bots and Quadency’s robust set of trading bots will automate traders’ strategies.  

Hummingbot is proud to be a Dash FastPass Accredited Partner.  Dash's impressive and unrivalled speed, security and low cost transaction fees, provides us another building block to further develop and enhance the Hummingbot user and trading experience. Dash's InstantSend and ChainLocks functionality, allowing near-instant deposits and withdrawals, will enable new automated trading strategies that take advantage of market and arbitrage opportunities across the Dash FastPass Network of partner exchanges and services.

Carlo P. Las Marias, Co-Founder & COO at Hummingbot

Select FastPass accredited partners and Dash Core Group are developing end-to-end educational content for each component of the trading ecosystem, to help simplify and consolidate the vast amount of information into easily digestible articles and videos. The FastPass Network allows users to have a central point of knowledge to raise awareness of Dash's partner services and the entire trading ecosystem. This will educate traders of all experience levels how to leverage the speed of these services to maximize ROI and solve trading issues they have experienced using other cryptocurrencies. Learn more about the FastPass Network at - https://www.dash.org/fastpass

Learn more about the FastPass Network at - https://www.dash.org/fastpass

Dash is fast, scaleable, and ubiquitous, the ideal cryptocurrency for trading. The Dash FastPass Network will help raise awareness taking it from a well kept secret to something everyone is aware of. The trading portion of the network is live and can be visited at Dash.org/fastpass while the educational portion of the site is currently due to be launched in early October.

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