How To Save Cash When Buying New Video Games

How To Save Cash When Buying New Video Games

By @darthnava | darthnava | 3 Apr 2020



Are you drooling over the new video games you tested at your local video game shop? Angry and jealous that your friend got to play it? Are you having a bland, thrifty diet because you are saving to buy the latest games? In this post, we will find some ways for gamers to save money when buying video games.

1. Don’t be Scammed by Offline Retailers

Local video game stores love to sell overpriced even you consider the discount. It its best to buy a game from the pre-owned section. Pre-owned games are usually in good condition and cost 20% less than new ones. Just remember to inspect the game box if the manuals are missing or the game disc for any scratches.

2. Look for Deals Online

Try first on eBay. The used games for sale on eBay are much cheaper than the video game store’s pre-owned selection and mostly, you do find good deals. Instead of bidding on a single game you should instead get the bundles of 10 to 50 games. Keep the games that you like and sell off the rest. Big saving on that one for sure.

You can also save by buying used games from members of gaming forums like that you may participate in. Just be sure that the forum members that you trade with have good trust ratings.

3. Be Damn Patient

After four months, new games get cheaper. Waiting to buy also allows you to get a better idea of how good the game is through reviews and word of mouth if its really worth owning.

4. Rent It to Test It

Renting is cheaper and it provides you the ability to test play new games. Its the perfect opportunity to test and review the game. You can buy it later at cheaper prices if you love it.

5. Sell Off Your Games After You’re Done with Them

Not really a video game collector and not being nostalgic about the games you play? This is the best way for you to enable to play the new releases.

I hope these tips help you buy that new video game that you are aching to play!


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