Will Real Assets Be Lockable As A Collateral On MakerDao?

Will Real Assets Be Lockable As A Collateral On MakerDao?

Maker (MKR) is a utility token, governance token and recapitalization resource of the Maker system.
It is an Ethereum blockchain based token. In recent weeks there have been clear increases due to an interesting initiative that will affect Maker, the Dai and in general the DeFi. In the graph below we see the increase of Maker compared to Bitcoin (especially in the last 30 days):


Makers owners can vote on MakerDao
Which proposal made the Maker price rise (leading Coinbase to list it again, after it had been removed in the past due to low liquidity)?
The idea is to introduce real assets as a collateral to create Dai. The Centrifuge startup will create the protocol (Tinlake).

f751ff85019ea356a6f29ab1beac4870c4e72397ef261f433f0786b7dc1946d9.pngAssets such as warehouse receipts, freight invoices or real estate (a property or house) can be tokenized as non-fungible tokens (which represents that commodity).
That is, these assets can be used to take out a loan. For example, I have some goods in stock that I don't want to sell (because maybe I need it to start my own business) but I have expenses to pay (and I have no money).
How can I do? I can borrow Dai (to pay my expenses) by blocking the assets mentioned above as collateral. The assets will be unlocked when you buy the Dai payment that has been lent to us.
It is therefore a real financing, however, without going through the banks using a smart contract.
But who decides the value of the goods? The Tinlake Protocol will develop an oracle to decide this.
There will also be a liquidity pool.


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