What is the difference between Deep Web and Dark Web?

What is the difference between Deep Web and Dark Web?

Very often there is a tendency to confuse the Deep Web and the Dark Web.
The two concepts are different even though the most commonly used term is Deep Web (which also includes the Dark Web or also called Darknet).
Let's see the main differences.


SURFACE WEB (or CLEAR WEB): well this is simple. It is the everyday web accessible with any browser (Chrome, Edge, Brave, Firefox, Opera, etc).
All sites are indexed and easily accessible. Obviously I am referring to Google, Yahoo, Youtube, open Forums, blogs, etc.


DEEP WEB: in this branch we find the non-indexed sites. But what are the non-indexed sites? Those that have been excluded from the search engines (many P2P files, violent content, etc) but also the restricted access pages (Paypal personal profile, Postepay and all banking sites, private Instagram and Facebook accounts, etc).
To navigate it I just need a normal browser (Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc) and sometimes login data.
For informational purposes, I underline that many dangerous files have been uploaded to P2P networks or to Onion sites like Parazite (now obscured) hosted on the Dark Web (accessible only with TOR).


DARK WEB: things get more complex here because we talk about alternative networks with different domains and modified browsers (TOR, Freenet, anoNet, I2P, Osiris, Alienet, Zeronet, etc).
For example TOR uses onion link, Freenet instead uses localhost.
It is absolutely impossible to access the Dark Web with Chrome or Opera.
We can say that the Deep Web also includes the Dark Web.
Since these networks are almost anonymous we find black markets (where they sell drugs, weapons, fake documents, etc).
The sites are not indexed, although there are lists of grouped Onion sites or particular search engines such as "Not Evil" (but very far from Google therefore not very precise).
TOR's reference point is "Hidden Wiki", while Freenet's reference point is "Linkageddon".

Many TOR black markets have been seized by the FBI or police (Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0, Hansa Market, Alphabay, Babylon, Wall Street Market, Utopia, Black Market Reloaded, Valhalla Market, Shiny Flakes, Berlusconi Market, perhaps Dream Market, etc) others have closed suddenly (SCAM Exit) stealing the money of sellers and buyers (Evolution, East Indian Company, Sheep Market, Outlaw, Nucleus, Trade Route, etc)


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