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-I repeat my story, I am Captain Peter Angel of the 22nd Figthter Squadron, I was on a reconnaissance mission in the Caribbean, I was flying a Curtis P-36, I had moved away from my squadron and was flying over a small islet, when the sky began It flashed on me and I began to feel how it was loaded with static. I felt like my skin was getting enchained. - Peter straightened in the chair and took a sip of the glass of water that was in front of him on the table.

-The sky changed colors, it was as if someone was waving a gigantic curtain made of colored lights; purple, red, green and orange. Then in front of me appeared a kind of ring of intense white radiance, I did not have time to maneuver and dodge it, I passed through it. - He took a sip of water again, his hands trembled.

-I do not know what the hell that damn thing was, but when I went in, everything suddenly darkened and the engine of the airplane went out, everything went out, it was as if all the sound and the light had gone out, that's when it happened ... - Peter supported his elbows on the table and covered his face with his hands.

-All around me, hundreds of planes appeared like mine, it was me, hundreds of copies of mine was like being in one of those mirror rooms, I could see myself in all of them, that's when I realized that I was not in the plane, I was standing there, in I do not know where, seeing myself in the plane all around me ... - Peter was sweating profusely and his voice was going out, he took a breath - Then everything went out ..., and I woke up here, the nurse He told me that they had found me in a field with hypothermia. Please tell me doctor where I am, nobody wanted to tell me.

After sedating Peter and leaving him in his room, Dr. Robertson retired to his office, Dr. Harris was waiting for him in it, he had received a call from him to discuss the case, after having reported it.

-The patient identifies himself as Peter Angel, he says he is a pilot - Roberson handed a folder to Harris - This is his file, what do you think?

Harris opened the folder and reviewed the documents, observed for a moment the photograph of Peter Angel, leaned back in the chair - in what conditions did they find it?, I do not see it in the file.

-He was found by a local farmer, he was lying unconscious in his field, he does not know how he got there, he wore a pilot's overalls and wore an identification badge that is consistent with his story. According to what it indicates is Peter Angel, born in Austin Texas on May 23, 1910. - He said raising his voice and showing surprise.

-I understand- Harris said coldly.

-I suppose it must be stolen or false- intuited Robertson.

-I do not think, everything coincides.

-As everything coincides ?, said exalted - how will it match ?, You saw the photo, that guy must have a twenty-something, but according to that plate must be 107 years old.

-From that I realized, but everything coincides, this is the fifth case this month. - Harris said deadpan

-I do not understand, are there others like him? - Robertson asked in amazement.

-Literally, it is the fifth Peter Angel that is found in this month and one hundred and twenty-three so far this year, throughout the country. All exactly the same.




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I posted this story previously on my Steem blog, you can see the original by clicking here.


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