Digital art_2019. Waiting the Holiday

Hi friends!

It's my idea to one Christmas art contest
The Owl has whole basket with Christmas glass balls, she want to decorate a Christmas tree, but thinking how to start.
It's an original art, drawing without references.
I used for create this picture two graphic programs - Paint Tool SAI 2 and Paintstorm Studio.

Ready artwork

Sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2


I chose such a color palette so that the whole picture was in cold winter colors with individual rich accents.

Color Palette

As usual, I start by painting the background. the sky will be different in color from the snow - more green due to reflexes from the spruce used Old Rough brush

Old Rough


Step 1_Background

Then I chose my base work brush Oil Brist 2 and made a strokes of the characters and environment

Oil Brist 2

Step 2_Base colors

We work with details.
So that a basket with Christmas decorations doesn't distract attention from the Owl, I draw a bright red heart in the owl's beak
At the same stage, I determine the direction of lighting and the falling shadows.

Step 3_Details

Adding a far trees on background

Step 4_Forest in back


Tree's branch

I use a hard brush Ink Pen here and there when drawing the Owl

Ink Pen


I also decided to add fluffy snowdrifts below, highlighted by the winter sun.

Step 7_Snowdrifts

On finally step I opened my art in Paintstorm Studio to adding some fine chtistmas decor on a tree and snowflakes on background.
And some color correction and sharpening.

It's all ready!

Ready artwork

I hope you'll like this joyful winter picture with Christmas mood!

Have a nice and creative day for all!


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