Autumn still life (physalis & persimmon)

Hi friends!

This artwork I drew to Whaleshare art contest some years ago.

Ready artwork

At first, I make a sketch on pastel tone paper (yes, I decided to draw with my lovest pastel pencils set).
The composition is my, I only watched some other photos with physalis to paint it right.
I wanted to paint a classic still life - with drapery, three planes and several objects.
I chose for image one of very beautiful autumn plants - physalis & really autumn fruits - persimmon.


I chose main color spectrum of my picture - they'll be green (courtain) & red/orange shades (flowers & fruits).
I also placed the direction of lighting on picture as a sun rays & painted they.
Then I painted a shades on brunches by two color of brown.

Step 1_Vessel

I painted light & shadow areas on a drapery (some shades of green) & two persimmons (red, orange, yellow, brown color of pencils).

Step 2_Drapery

Then I started to hang a physalis's flowers (which like a orange lanterns) on the branches & painted a brightness highlight on the glass vase.

Step 3_Physalis_counturs

Finally, I painted a flowers, maked a drop shadows under vase & fruits, painted a table (brown) & maked a stronger shadows on a blue wall behind physalis to maked a flowers more saturation.
And smear a strokes on a drapery's cloth & rays of sunlight.

That's what I getting!

Ready artwork

Thanks for your attention and donation!

Have a nice positive day!



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