Common Problems And ChangeNOW Solutions

By DareShonubi | DareShow | 14 May 2020

ChangeNOW is a platform consisting of various products aimed at making interactions with
the crypto world as easy and smooth as possible. ChangeNOW’s main goal is to advance
cryptocurrency mass adoption and help the crypto community to work with crypto wherever
they want, however they want.

Common problems and ChangeNOW solutions
The realm of cryptocurrency ventures is improving at a high rate. Keeping up with the times,
ChangeNOW was established with an objective of  the cryptocurrency industry to a new status 
by settling its common problems.


 Nowadays, we are in a counterintuitive circumstance where an initiative so concentrated on
decentralization encompasses so many centralized assistance dominating users’ share. While
cryptocurrencies give their owners independence from restrictions and authorities, centralized
exchanges and hosted wallets accumulate users’ funds, keeping the holders at risk.

ChangeNow team has a main priority on decentralization. They are building their ecosystem in a way
that users have as much control of their funds as possible.

Security issues
Centralization is attended closely by security  difficulties. Hundreds of programs that shelter user
funds are at risk of being attacked. Also, even being as knowledgeable to protocols as
possible and very precautious in general, these projects can still suffer from the human error
or technology failures. Despite all the efforts there is a lot of space for probable violations 
and  problems that can lead to loss of great amounts of money.

ChangeNOW is built with perfect security as a goal and has gone through multiple
penetration tests. Plus, we seek to minimise the possibility of human error by engaging the
best technologies of decentralized world.
We are intent on continuing this way while keeping our standards as high as possible.

ChangeNOW Instant Exchange

ChangeNOW is a wide product ecosystem aimed at making our clients’ user experience
while interacting with cryptocurrencies as easy, efficient, and pleasant as possible, including
an array of services such as an instant crypto exchange service, a Lightning node, a token
swap service, a crypto payment system, and much, much more.

ChangeNOW stays honest with its customers and collects no hidden or inflated fees. The
timing of the transaction remains rather short. Depending on the transaction volume, the
processing speed can take as little as 2 minutes.

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