Copy an NFT

You Wouldn't Screenshot an NFT

By Dappcentral | dappreviews | 23 Mar 2022

You wouldn't steal a car.

That was what that early 2000s advertisement would tell us.

Recently NFTs have taken the world by storm; Digital "Beanie Babies" with provable ownership. But there is also a big backlash that these are simply overhyped, overpriced JPEGs. People are paying millions of dollars for a cartoon picture of an Ape or an 8bit punk image. Is it really this crazy, has the whole crypto sphere fallen prey to some form of shared insanity?!

That's where the NFT Photocopier comes in. This website lets the user enter the link from any Ethereum NFT on OpenSea and "photocopies" the NFT onto the Polygon blockchain. The newly created NFT shares the exact same metadata as the original NFT only it exists in the NFT Photocopier Collection.
This means that you can now own any of your favorite ERC-721 NFTs!

One small rule of this photocopier, however, is that NFTs can only be copied once. So get in quick!

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