New Dapp Lets You Own Your Own Casino on the Blockchain!

By Dappcentral | dappreviews | 15 Sep 2019

Decentralized applications have allowed a whole new raft of developers to create provably fair gambling games online. No longer do we have to put our trust in the company who made the game that we're not going to get cheated out of our money. We can check the code ourselves on the blockchain, and see exactly what is happening behind the scenes.

The developers don't need to scam the games to make a good profit either, all they have to do is have money in their reserves to handle the prizes, and since the games have a small margin which favors the house, they can just sit back on their passive income.

So why can't we do that you may ask?! Why can't we run a cryptocurrency casino!? Well, firstly,  you would need to pay a developer to create the back end blockchain technology for such an application. Next you would need a front end developer to create a website, then there's the ongoing costs for hosting and a domain name.

Or, you could visit People's Casino online, and purchase your own casino for a fraction of the price! People's Casino allows you to purchase and run your own fully functional gambling application on the Ethereum blockchain. Each casino is a unique online gambling machine. You are responsible for supplying the house reserve, and solely benefit from all earnings. Each casino has its own unique URL, so after you purchase your casino, all you need to do is top it up with some ether to handle the prizes, and share the link around for people to play!

The casinos themselves are also ERC-721 tokens, (think Cryptokitties) so once bought, they can be traded and auctioned.

The first generation of games are Slot Machine themed and can be bought on Open Sea now. There are only 1000 limited edition tokens so get in quick!


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