Your Favorite Brands Are Here! Buy Their Gift Cards with Crypto

Your Favorite Brands Are Here! Buy Their Gift Cards with Crypto

By | | 26 Jun 2020


When we introduced how to shop the world with crypto, you might feel a bit limited in the shopping list. So today we’ll open up the views and see if crypto payment can reach every aspect of our daily shopping.

Perhaps buying gift cards with cryptocurrency is the first step of crypto payment’s mass adoption. You prepay for the gift cards, then you can simply check out in a second in stores, in online-malls, or in apps. There are so many choices: food, clothes, books, mobile fees, cosmetics, games, entertainment, travel…… that we are literally able to live on crypto!

So what blockchain products can help us achieve this?



Fold allows you to buy prepaid cards with Bitcoin at your favorite retailers. The brands you can choose are Amazon, Sephora, Domino’s, Starbucks, Nintendo, Old Navy’s, Dunkin Donuts… And the list will continue to add up. Whether you shop for yourself or buy a gift for your friends, there’s surely something for everyone! And the mobile Fold app supports both iOS and Android.

The rewards for your shopping is considerable - you can earn up to 20% cashback in Bitcoin on every purchase instantly and with no catch! Your data and your bitcoin are yours to keep. Fold is now providing the first bitcoin rewards card, “Fold Card”. Every time you swipe the Fold Card you get a percentage of your purchase back in bitcoin. The bitcoin will go right into your Fold account.

As a Fold user, you can spin a lucky wheel once a day for free sats!


What are the other 2 products which are even better?

Cover more brands including Google Play, Steam, Netflix, Spotify, PlayStation, Xbox, Razer Gold,Uber, Airbnb,, and even some airlines, etc.

Across the world! From Europe to China, India, South Korea, Australia, and the US. So you can enjoy colorful entertainment everywhere!

AND comes with $BTC rewards!

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