Must-have Tools to Empower Your Crypto Trading Analysis

By | | 3 Jun 2020


It’s been a week since started covering all apps blockchain. Over 300 products are added to your front page of blockchain so far to unlock the blockchain world. 

In today’s section, 4 powerful tools are recommended for you to master your crypto trading analysis from Tracking Crypto Price, Building Trading Charts, Getting Price Forecast and Expanding Source of Research


Crypto Price Tracker:


CoinGecko: 245 collects by users
  • CoinGecko has the fullest collection of crypto price - tracking 7232 cryptocurrencies/tokens. You could follow the price movement of tokens that are not widely tracked such as 888, the token of 888Tron, or WCK (Wrapped CyptoKitties) on CoinGecko. Plan to invest in a token that is not tracked by CoinGecko? You should probably take a step back. 



  • 21 languages supported on Web, iOS and Android. Crypto is global, and CoinGecko also brings it locally. 


Trading Chart Tool:


TradingView: 348 collects by users


                                                                                   TradingView’s reviews by users


  • The most comprehensive charting tool to analyze the price trend. You could establish your indicators & strategies with its built-in scripts easily. And it’s Free!

  • Get instant market sentiment analysis from TradingView’s algorithm. 


  • An active community where you could receive trading insights from other professional traders



Price Forecast:

Nomics is a great option if you are looking for a price forecast as an alternative to TradingView. 

Nomics: 41 collects by users
  • 7-day prediction of a coin’s trading volume and target price based on their machine learning algorithms. 


  • Avoid Shitcoin? Nomics also provides a cool feature that categorizes coins based on their trading activities and liquidity as actively traded, inactive or deadcoins


Library for Comprehensive Research: 


The Block: 26 collects by users

We all try hard to do as much research as we can to support an investment decision most of the time. We look for media stories, we look for reviews by exports, we look for analysis by our favorite influencers etc. The Block’s provides a more powerful library to study a new aspect or review project from a different angle

  • Reports which cover different territories of the industry from fundamental to in-depth insights

  • Comprehensive Ecosystem Maps which help you to pick up very quickly.847RZ-3S39YsUI4crSxyRU21RLVNoJCZfVHSSM2FkXjVk7TZ2eBbc0EmjiiCJpQ9JqOlj83VjMWLmWWQGSRMHeQvhg7lMQES-FUZp7OL3AJvk2RJk3goPgEsOnGt9HTy-LIT0yHm



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