Dapps With Largest Data Growth⬆️/Drop⬇️ You Should Know

By Dapp.com | Dapp.com | 23 May 2021



We’ve analyzed a great many cases of how token price is highly correlated with the dapp on-chain data. For token traders, it’s important to track the dapp performance and get possible bullish or bearish signals.


So today, let’s check some dapps with the largest data growth or drop recently.




Dapp Data Growth ⬆️


Uniswap V3


Uniswap V3 has a great debut. The total Dex Trading Volume in the 7 days is $5.44B, which experiences a huge growth of 114.66% in 7d.

Want to compare Uniswap V3 and V2’s performance? Get more insights here: Whales Tend to Stay in Uniswap V3 than V2? How’s Its Performance Compared to V2?



1inch Ethereum


1inch Network Ethereum’s 7d Dex Trading Volume hit $2.60B with a 56.67% sharp increase.





QuickSwap’s all on-chain data went up in the past 7 days. The 7d Volume grew 69.63%, and the 7d Transactions grew 51.40%.

The $QUICK token price has shown a high correlation with QuickSwap’s on-chain data. The price curve moves in a similar direction with the users/volume/transaction curve.




Dapp Data Drop ⬇️


Venus Protocol


Venus Protocol’s 7d Total Deposit Volume tremendously decreased by 49.20%. And the same went for the 7d Total Borrowed Volume. It decreased by 64.81%.



Aave Protocol


Aave Protocol’s deposit, borrow, repay volume have all dropped in the past 7 days, as you can see from the graphs above. The 7d Total Deposit Volume dropped 20.61%; the Borrow Volume dropped 16.87%; and the Repay Volume dropped 42.04%.



Liquity Protocol 


Liquity Protocol’s 7d Fees Earned went down 54.51%. The 7d $LUSD Liquidity on Uniswap is $-28102841.72 with a dramatic slide-down of 134.87%.



With so much advanced data on the dashboard of Liquity Protocol, how to understand each of the ups and downs? Learn more here: A New Challenger to $DAI with Less Collateral Rate? How to Use It?



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