⛽️ Coca-Cola’s 1st NFT Auction Boosts OpenSea Users & Volume to ATH🚀

⛽️ Coca-Cola’s 1st NFT Auction Boosts OpenSea Users & Volume to ATH🚀

By Dapp.com | Dapp.com | 2 Aug 2021



On 28th Jul, Coca-Cola announced its first-ever NFT collectibles would be auctioned on OpenSea to commemorate International Friendship Day on July 30.


Auctioned as a single lot, the four-piece collection features multi-sensory NFTs housed inside a Friendship Box—itself an NFT—packaged as a loot box, a play on the popular video game feature involving sealed mystery “boxes”.


The news first boosted OpenSea’s social signal. From 29th to 30th Jul, OpenSea’s social signal increased about 4 times from 1.09K to 4.94K. On 1st Aug, it climbed even higher to 5.45K.


As the news spread, many NFT collectors have placed their bids. 



This auction will run for exactly 4 days. So far, you can see the top bid has reached 50 $ETH, worth more than $131,000 at the time of writing. OpenSea’s traders and volume have also been pushed to new peaks by this auction.


On 31st July, just 1 day after the auction began, the unique NFT traders broke ATH 12,338, meanwhile, the NFT trading volume also ATH $40.68M.


In July, OpenSea has 60.43K unique NFT traders (+48.94%); NFT trading volume rallied to $328.30M (+114.19%).



From the 90d dashboard above, you can see a constant upward trend in OpenSea’s traders since mid-May. The number of unique NFT traders hit 90.43K with a 17.04% increase. As for the NFT trading volume, it has grown 51.29% to $575.67M in the last 3 months, especially sharp in July.


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