Aave vs Venus Protocol. Which One is Safer?

By Dapp.com | Dapp.com | 13 Apr 2022



Aave vs Venus Protocol on-chain last 30d

Which one is safer?

Borrowed volume= 36% of Deposit volume
Repay volume= 37% of Borrowed volume

Borrowed volume= 75% of Deposit volume
Repay volume= 100.2% of Borrowed volume

Venus is safer, but the numbers are a bit weird?




- Token hodlers number, $AAVE win. Both saw positive growth.
- Token active address, $AAVE win.
- Transfer volume, $AAVE overwhelmingly more than Venus, 25x.

💡Tips: Token active address & transfer volume represent the token’s activity. Normally, when the token bull, more on-chain activities.

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