😍 3 Top-Performing DeFi Projects to Watch for Potential Token Launch and Airdrop

By | | 28 Jan 2021



Starting from Compound, liquidity mining has become a must for DeFi projects to attract users’ attention. Oh, not “user”, we should call it “farmer” which is an occupation that people are envious of in the dapp industry. For DeFi Projects, it has been proved that issuing a governance token and provide a liquidity mining feature to your project will help to boost your project users/transaction and volume. 


The above graph has proved that after Compound issued its token $COMP, its number of users/transactions and volume have experienced a sharp increase.


When a DeFi project issued its token, most likely it will first airdrop to users who once used their platform. Some lucky people have already got a large amount of money airdrop. You must still remember 1inch’s Christmas gifts. 90 million $1INCH tokens have been airdropped to users and a user received millions of dollars worth of $1INCH tokens. And we introduce the high potential DeFi project BadgerDAO to you on 7th Dec, just a month later, its Bitcoin pegged token $DIGG launch and airdrop to all BadgerDAO users. $DIGG price soon rose up to 3x the Bitcoin price and became the most expensive cryptocurrency.


Envious of their luck? It is not 100% about luck actually. You can “prepare” for it by analyzing the data on to find the next potential DeFi projects and get ready for it.

Check the DeFi Ranking page on, you can easily see which DeFi projects are ranking in the top but without a token issued yet, then they are the targets that deserve your in-depth data analysis. 


Today, we are going to introduce 3 top-performing DeFi projects that are possible to issue and airdrop tokens in the future based on our data analysis. Don’t miss out the chance this time!




dYdX is the world's leading decentralized trading platform for Ethereum based assets. It supports lending, borrowing, and margin trading with custom leverage. 

In dYdX, you can enter into custom short and long positions with leverage up to 4x. While margin trading on dYdX, funds are automatically borrowed from lenders on the platform. dYdX integrates with the most liquid decentralized exchanges so you can trade without ever having to leave the platform. Collateral used to secure margin trades continuously earns interest, making sure you get the maximum yield on your capital. 

On 26th Jan, dYdX announced on Twitter that it has just completed the $10M Series B fundraise. It welcomes Three Arrows Capital and DeFiance Capital on board as the lead investors of this round, as well as new investors Wintermute, Hashed, GSR, SCP, etc.



Why it worths your attention?


dYdX’s all on-chain data are showing positive growth. Its 30d volume($17.27B) ranks No.2 just behind Uniswap V2 in all Ethereum DeFi and DEX, with a significant increase of 182.08%. 30d Users reached 15.37K, ranking No.10.


dYdX daily active users are close to 1K, while its daily volume has exceeded $1B in the latter half of January.


We can see how dYdX is leading the Ethereum DeFi market by Market function. It counts for 27.2% of the 30d Ethereum Dex trading volume and it is the only one without a token issued.


(Check here




Zapper Fi, also named as DefiZap, allows you to manage all your DeFi assets from one simple interface. 

Zapper is your DeFi dashboard for monitoring your portfolio, including assets, debts, liquidity pools, staking, claimable rewards, and yield farming activities–but it requires you to share no personal data. It is also your gateway to investing in hundreds of DeFi strategies in just a few clicks. Zaps save time, effort, and often transaction fees (gas) by deploying capital in a single DeFi command control center, working with more than 50 trusted DeFi protocols like Yearn.FinanceUniswapBalancerCurve, and more.


Zapper has raised a total of $2M in funding over 1 round, which was a Seed round raised on Aug 27, 2020. The investors include CoinFund, CoinGecko, Coinbase Ventures, etc.

b7bc9adbeb3949088d98994f1ed7c7e5.png’s 30d volume increased by 97.18% and hit 376.66M, which ranks No.22. It has 5.47K users in the past 30 days, even more than Harvest Finance and Curve.

153515a076ee41febf5daac356d007b9.png daily active users are around 500, and its daily volume is approximately between $10M and $20M.





InstaDApp is a platform that provides users and developers with a single point of integration to access all the DeFi protocols. We aim to make DeFi easier, scalable, and more secure for users, developers, and protocols alike. It is open to all sizes of developers, from solo-coders to a group of hackers to globally-scaled teams.

So far, with InstaDApp, you can directly build on the top DeFi protocols such as MakerDAOCompoundAaveKyberCurvedYdX, and Uniswap.


InstaDApp has raised a total of $2.4M in funding over 1 round, which was a Seed round on Oct 1, 2019 invested by IDEO CoLab Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Robot Ventures, etc.


By 30d volume, InstaDApp ranks No.13, ahead of Kyber Network and Harvest Finance. The 30d volume is $1.29B, increased by 116.47%. It has 3.53K users in the past 30d, ranking No.35.


InstaDApp has about 200 active users per day, and an average $40M volume daily.



Want to master this data analysis skill? You can do it with the help of data function - DeFi Ranking and Blockchain Market.




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