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LEVER - AMM Based Margin Trading


Lending and trading are the two areas in the current DeFi space with the most TVL. However, they are practically isolated from each other. Rare lending protocols support spot or even margin trading, and most DEXs don’t provide loans. Also, few platforms actually facilitate financial use. 


Lever is the first AMM-based decentralized margin trading platform on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, where users can easily earn interest through lending and perform leveraged trading. So basically, you can lend, borrow and perform leveraged trading to either buy long/sell short an asset in just one place.


(Source: Lever Official Medium)



How to use it?


For lenders/borrowers: You can lend your crypto assets, including your LP tokens, to earn interest or use them as collateral to take out loans, which will greatly lift your capital efficiency.


For traders: After making a margin deposit in the margin pool, you will be able to open either long or short positions in a supported asset in Lever with up to 3x leverage. Lever relies on AMMs like Uniswap to provide deep liquidity for your trade.


In Lever’s market, you can deposit your tokens into Lever’s lending pool, or open a position for a token (which means to buy/long or sell/short it). 


As for the margin in Lever, it’s very convenient. For example, you can directly borrow USDT and buy ETH with it. You will be rewarded with $LEV, Lever’s utility token, for your trading.


And recently, the $LEV Single Staking Pool has been live. 


During the 30-day duration, 100K $LEV will be distributed on Ethereum while another 100K distributed on BSC. You can stake your $LEV and your reward will be calculated based on your proportion in the pool in real-time.


If you’re investing in $LEV, it’s necessary to track Lever’s on-chain data dashboard.


You can see from the graph above that the $LEV price has a high correlation to the Lever’s users and transactions.


Growing Farm - Yield Optimizer 


Remember last time we introduced some yield aggregator platforms on BSC, like PancakeBunny, Beefy and Autofarm with high APY? 

Growing Farms is another yield optimizer on Binance Smart Chain, focusing on providing auto-compounded yields by actively finding, auditing, and leveraging the best yield farming platforms through smart optimizing strategies. According to the team, the smart contracts of Growing Farm is a remix of SushiSwapAutoFarmPancakebunny and many other prior arts.

The Grow token $GROW is Growing Farm’s membership token, revenue earning token and governance token. The primary way to get the $GROW token is farming at Growing Farm. 


How to earn with the farms?


There are 6 farms active at present: GROW Staking, GROW-BNB LP, Growing CAKE, Growing BANANA, Growing BNB and Growing BUSD.


By staking your $GROW token at GROW Staking Pool, you will be able to receive BNB as a reward. When you stake more than 1 $GROW, the Growing Pro membership for your address will be activated. Meanwhile, the staking earnings for this 1 $GROW will be sent to the Growing dev team. For the amount above 1 $GROW (or all of your staking if the total GROW you stake is smaller than 1 $GROW), you will continuously get a dividend of the 30% of the profit from all farm pools with the share of $GROW token you stake.


Or you can stake in other active farm pools with corresponding optimized profits. The highest APY is 536% for the Growing BANANA pool at the time of writing. 


It’s easy to observe from the Growing Farm’s data dashboard that the $GROW token price is highly correlated with the Growing Farm’s users, volume and transactions. So keep an eye on its on-chain data if you trade or stake $GROW.



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