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🌈 2 New Dapps to Help NFT Artists and Blockchain Developers Make Profits!

By | | 27 Jan 2021



This week, we are reviewing 2 new blockchain products that can serve as perfect tools for NFT artists and blockchain developers to monetize their works

And don’t worry if you are neither good at drawing nor coding. You can farm or stake the projects you feel valuable to earn rewards!




NFT Farm Builder - Your NFTs, Your Contracts!


Unifty is a new hub for NFT projects to create custom farms, NFT collections, and soon a lot more with just a few clicks. It can be a perfect tool to market your work on the blockchain. No coding or difficult contract interactions required while you are fully owning your contracts.


In Unifty, a collection holds many NFTs of the same type. If you have a series of Manga NFTs for example, you would store them in the same collection. Collections at Unifty are ERC1155 contracts, the new NFT standard for Ethereum. And you can create a collection and become a collection manager in a few steps, just as the picture below shows.


The Unifty NFT Farm Builder allows you to create your own custom farms for staking ERC20 tokens and returning NFT rewards. If you are an NFT artist or an NFT project who wants to provide a farming feature to your audience without all the development costs and overhead, Farm Builder is the way to go. After creation, the farm contracts are entirely owned and controller by you and are pre-verified at Etherscan. Once created, the Unifty won't have any administrative rights to your collections as they are entirely owned by you. The steps are simple and user friendly.



We’ve introduced how to issue your own NFT via Rarible, which is also easy for new starters. However, at Rarible, your NFTs belong to the Rarible collection and aren't technically yours. What’s more, according to the Unifty team, custom ERC1155 collections at Unifty are approx. 50% cheaper than custom ERC1155 collections at Rarible. If you intend to build a community around your NFTs it is critical that you have full ownership and administrative privileges over all contracts in play. The collections you create at Unifty are entirely yours. Additionally, all contracts made with Unifty are already verified.


Then how much does the service cost?

If you are holding NIF, the project’s utility token, or owning one of the Free Pass wildcard collectibles, nothing! If you aren't holding or owning none, a developer fee will apply. As shown in the 2 pics above, the dev fee for creating a collection is 0.0075 ETH, and for creating a farm you should pay 0.05 ETH. The NIF tokens are available in Uniswap now.

Besides the Ethereum blockchain, Unifty NFT Farm Builder also supports XDAI, Matic and Binance Smart Chain.

Here are some featured farms currently displayed on the homepage of Unifty. Are you interested in any of these, or you prefer to create one by yourself?


What other NFT+DeFi projects worth your attention? Check here What’s Next After the DeFi Booming? NFT!



Dev Protocol - Tokenize OSS Projects, Earn Now!


Finally, we are seeing a DeFi project designed for blockchain geeks to make profits! 

Dev Protocol lets GitHub users tokenize their OSS projects in a few clicks. Creating an OSS token allows projects to access sustainable funding, create underlying economic models for their projects, and distribute incentives at scale. 


Protocol participants stake the DEV token, the protocol’s governance token, on projects they believe are valuable. DEV is an inflationary token that is rewarded to patrons and OSS projects for being active participants in the Dev Protocol ecosystem. The Dev Protocol inflation rate for minting is determined by the total amount of DEV staked versus OSS projects onboarded. 

The protocol rewards these participants and the projects they staked for with minted DEV tokens. Examples of open assets are OSS projects, Youtube videos, and Spotify content. Dev Protocol integrates with these markets so that projects or creators can authenticate and tokenize their work. 


For the first time, OSS projects have a scalable solution to unlock their value.


Stakes Social is Dev Protocol’s user-facing application where OSS projects and patrons connect. OSS projects use Stakes Social to tokenize, obtain patrons, build communities, and incentivize stakeholders in order to grow their projects. Patrons use Stakes Social to stake the DEV token for OSS projects they support.


If you are a developer or a developing team, you can create a token for your OSS project to unlock its value on Stakes Social. You decide the token name, abbreviation, and whom to share it with. Dev Protocol mints 10,000,000 units of your token on the Ethereum blockchain. OSS tokens can leverage all of Stakes Social’s features.


So far, 1500+ OSS projects have been onboarded to Dev Protocol.



Here’s an example of the staking pool created by Vvper, a contract-oriented pythonic programming language that targets the Ethereum Virtual Machine. You can see the APY for stakers and creators, and more staking details.


Check all the new dapps this week here: What's New?



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