🎉 2 Blockchain Projects with Exciting Token Airdrop Programs Recently

By Dapp.com | Dapp.com | 24 Feb 2021


Badger DAOMirror Protocol … so many promising blockchain projects that we introduced at an early stage have soon developed and grown successfully. Their token prices even went up 20x than the time we first wrote about them.

Here comes another 2 projects. And the same goes for them: our editors discovered them early, composed articles to introduce them, and at present, they both have exciting token airdrop programs. If you’ve followed them up at that time, you’ll be able to receive the free tokens now.


Let’s check their token plans and whether it’s too late to participate.





We’ve introduced PoolTogether in 2 Lucky Draws with No Loss, Get Your Crypto Treats Now! It’s a protocol for no-loss money games powered by Ethereum. 



It has accumulated $94.91M volume in the past 30 days, ranking No.1 in all blockchain games.


You can earn popular Ethereum cryptocurrencies by getting 1 ticket for every $1 deposit. As long as your money is deposited you're eligible to win prizes. You can also remove your deposit at any time. The smart contracts ensure the protocol is non-custodial and transparent. Meanwhile, the pool has the flexibility to adjust how prizes are distributed based on the community’s desires.

The prizes are made up of the interest earned on all deposited money in the pool, for example, yield farming in Compound or other DeFi protocols.


There are 4 pools live now: DAI, USDC, UNI and COMP. So far, $93.58 million have been deposited, and $136,111.27 of no loss prizes are waiting for winners weekly.


Since the $POOL utility token went live on 18th Feb, the control of PoolTogether Protocol now rests on the community. The $POOL token is being freely distributed to all contributors to the protocol, with a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens.


The following is the initial distribution:


During the ongoing distribution, 5% of $POOL supply has been allocated to all PoolTogether depositors. If you have used the protocol, you can freely receive tokens to govern the protocol. No action is needed other than depositing into one of the four prize pools.



(The black spot line indicates the $POOL token price)


PoolTogether’s on-chain data reacted positively to the token airdrop. Its daily users, transactions and volume all hit ATH on 18th Feb: 2.39K Active users conducted 3.92K transactions worth of $25.47M. 


Token $POOL is available to trade in 1inch (DEX) and MXC.com (centralized exchange). $POOL price follows the exact same trend of its on-chain user number/transaction number and volume movement as shown in the above graph. So do remember to monitor its on-chain data performance when you invest in $POOL.




Mask Network


Another project that we’ve already introduced and also boost now is Mask Network, originally named Maskbook (Mask Network: A Wrapped Decentralized World for Users on Twitter, Facebook & Other Popular Social Networks). 


It’s a portal that allows you to seamlessly send encrypted messages to your friends, send and receive cryptocurrencies on social networks, participate in cryptocurrency lucky-draws, and even use more dapps over the top of popular social networks without migrating from the platforms you are already using.



Deeply believing in decentralization, the Mask Network team decided to launch $MASK, the native token of MaskDAO. The DAO is the owner of the Mask Ecosystem. $MASK holders are members of MaskDAO and possess ownership of the Mask Ecosystem through the DAO. As the native token, $MASK serves as incentives to facilitate governance. Each $MASK represents one vote. Overtime, Mask Network team and ecosystem members will develop more products and services that would accrue value to $MASK. 


A total of 100,000,000 $MASK tokens is created at genesis. Below is the information of the previous rounds and the distribution of the token before the upcoming Initial Twitter Offering of $MASK.



A total of 1% of the total $MASK supply will be airdropped. Like UniswapBadger DAO and other DeFi and Web 3.0 projects, Mask Network will not only give rewards $MASK to their early supporters. Ecosystem participants like Gitcoin donors and active voters in DeFi governance will also be rewarded. Check the table below to see if you can receive the $MASK token airdrop:


  • Donors: All addresses that have donated in two different rounds of Gitcoin grants or more (8 rounds completed to date). Donors who have donated to Mask Network’s own Gitcoin bounty project will be deemed power donors (before 01/01/2021).

  • Governance Voters: All voters who have voted 2 or more times, including snapshot voters and voters of other top projects like MakerDAOCompoundAave Protocol and Curve, whose governance system is not hosted on Snapshot (before 01/01/2021).

  • ENS Users: Any ENS address that has been linked to a Twitter account (before 02/16/2021).

  • Mask Users: All users who have tried their smart contract Dapplets, i.e. Red Packet, NFT and ITO (before 02/16/2021). 


The airdrop will cover an estimated 20,000 unique addresses. Normal users would receive 50 $MASK, while Power users could get over 400 $MASK in total. The reward decreases linearly by 20% every day if unclaimed and the reduction will go back to the MaskDAO.

If you are not eligible for the airdrop, you can purchase $MASK tokens by participating in the Initial Twitter Offering. After you install the Mask browser extension, you’ll find a small Mask icon right next to your Twitter display name. Initial Twitter Offering allows any Twitter user to buy $MASK without leaving Twitter.$MASK will be available to trade in Huobi starting from 24th Feb.

There will be 3 rounds of sale. $MASK can be bought with $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $BUSD, $HUSD and $ETH. Each address will only be allowed to purchase a maximum of 2000 $MASK token each round.


$MASK token bought during the ITO will all be locked until 02/27/2021, 3:00 am UTC+0.


Several other exciting gadgets are available directly on Twitter, including hovering on $ cashtags to easily view price charts and trade powered by Uniswap0x Protocol & SushiSwap, NFT displaying & purchasing, encrypted messaging, file service powered by Arweave.




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