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By Daphodile✿ | CryptocurrenciesYAY | 21 Jul 2022


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Here's a list of games, apps or websites that are easy to use and really pays you for your time and effort. (3, 6, 7 & 10 - received payments already) (2, 4, & 5 - still trying to earn more to maximize my earnings since there's always a fee lol) (8 & 9 - earning new crypto)

  1. RollerCoin - a simulation that lets you mine different crypto just by playing simple games; whether or not you spend some money, you still get crypto! 

  2. Honeygain or Peer2profit - you sell your unused internet bandwidth. Honeygain has a daily Lucky Pot where you get 10 credits to 10000 

  3. Money Well - let's you download apps and rewards you coins for the amount of time you use game or app downloaded (very low cash out threshold) 

  4. Publish0x - You can give tips to articles you like or read. The tips are FREE and comes from the site's pool so don't worry. You could also choose to be an author at the same time and earn more~ 

  5. Coinpayu - they have lots of ads (articles, vids. window ads etc), an offerwall (mostly surveys) and a faucet that let's you claim 4 times per hour! 

  6. Yandex Toloka - if you like doing micro tasks, this is a great site. the tasks are simple although there are simple training as well (fast payout with low threshold) 

  7. 2captcha - you just solve captchas and you get paid! (fast payout & responsive support) 

  8. TV-TWO - you can watch YouTube videos, download games, answer surveys, etc for coins however, you can only exchange them for their own crypto which is TTV (100,00 coins = 100 TTV). It's pretty easy to earn but all you can do now is farm or earn TTVs and be ready for when you can exchange them for other crypto or maybe even cash~

  9. Sweatcoin - you get coins for the steps you take. you can choose to farm, redeem, or donate your coins! Their crypto called SWEAT will be launched soon. 

  10. Money Make! - basically the same objective with Money Well but it sometimes has surveys etc. 


I'll post another article (if I have the energy to haha) about how those apps/websites actually work and pay you. But for now, if you have questions, feel free to message me on the following platforms:

Discord: Daphodile#2447

Twitter: @daphnieumipig

Reddit: u/xXDaphodileXx


Or just leave a comment down below and I'll answer as soon as possible~




♥♥♥And to anyone who has read this far, I hope you're having a lovely day. If not, I pray that things will only get better for you from now on. Remember that things won't stay bad forever~♥♥♥


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Hi everyone, Daphodile here~ Firstly, I'd like to say that I always spell my username that way. It's absolutely NOT due to the fact that I'm terrible at spelling ahahaha~ (◕‿↼)


I'll make more detailed reviews about cryptocurrency or cash earning games, apps, etc when I have the energy haha

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