September Developers Update

September Developers Update

By DAOBet | DAOBet | 30 Sep 2019

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A hearty welcome to all of our dear readers as we are delighted to present the September issue of the Developers Update.

The month was extremely productive for the development team as a myriad of new additions and events have been witnessed. But we will not bore you with introductions any longer as we get straight down to the news and updates of DAOBet (ex — DAO.Casino).

System Updates

The development team was hard at work in September, building and improving the system. Outstanding stability was achieved for the entire system as a whole. By using the test framework, the team managed to simulate a large flow of users performing various actions simultaneously, such as logins, playing games, sending / withdrawing funds and much more.

The team is also working on both the desktop and mobile versions of the platform as UX / UI improvement has been achieved through an adaptive and appealing layout while maintaining all the functionality of the system. High-load performance tests with the Python framework using Locust were performed and simulated a vast number of users to ensure the stability of the system as a whole after mainnet launch.

The IT architecture was updated as a whole as an improved data-pipeline was integrated to reduce delays that are currently hovering near-zero levels. One of the direct results of such improvements is that data gathering speeds are reaching previously unimaginable levels. We use the PostgreSQL database with all the bells and whistles along with Kafka and other container orchestration systems to ensure that scaling and data management remain at levels acceptable for ensuring uninterrupted system operation.

The Grafana monitoring system was implemented to visualize each system component’s performance, including RAM / CPU / Network Usage, to prevent memory leaks and maximize stability. Each Docker container is being monitored as well through such an approach, thus making system performance management easier and more productive. Previously, Grafana was used only for the blockchain, but now we monitor almost every component of the system and all the data is visible in the form of graphs on the interactive management dashboard, thus facilitating all monitoring activities.

The team also improved the logging of user activities to make sure that support teams have access to user actions in case of troubleshooting. In addition, this will make more data available for the developers to improve their games, conduct debugging of codes, and improve overall stability.

The development team is also currently engaged in writing the documentation for the upcoming release of the system to describe all the available methods of operation. The basic documentation will be ready for giving users quick start options and the ability for deployment of applications / games, raising nodes for validators, and more.

The new version of the system also contains a number of fixes and changes that will help make our product more stable and productive, including fixed memory leaks in fullnode and fixed segfault in the execution queue. The team is also continuing to explore the possibility of applying the changes of EOS 1.8 to DAOBet. The global EOS 1.8 update offers a number of important and useful changes, as well as a number of Breaking changes, and our team is working on introducing all the useful ones.

Questions, Questions

The community had recently expressed concerns about the latest news about SlowMist. The general question was – “Can DAOBet cause problems like Eosplay?” followed by comments, such as “I'm worried because DAOBet is EOS based.”

We would like to include our answer to such fears in the given update newsletter and explain why we are not afraid of such developments.

For random, we plan to use something strong in the first stages, maybe with some centralization like authorized oracles and participation of validators based on a system of smart-contracts. The next step will be full PVRB, information of which can be found in one of our recent articles. The plan is to keep developers “up-to-date”, then choose the best modern implementation at the moment of development and adapt it for RANDPA finality, combining consensus and random beacon generation. There are many good approaches to PVRB. We will be delighted to release an article about the algorithm that can be ideally integrated with EOS DPoS consensus and RANDPA in the near future, one that ideally fits our needs.

Among the other issues that have been raised is the EOS update. We are already exploring these updates for their benefits for our blockchain. DAOBet is now based on EOS version 1.7.1, but we follow all of the EOS team’s updates and include changes and fixes whenever possible. The development team is also aware of the fact that merging changes of DAOBet with EOS requires time and a lot of tests.


And that sums up our Developers Update September issue. We are extremely pleased with the progress that our team is making and are certain that the upcoming changes will bring even more benefit to the platform and to our dear users.

In conclusion, we would also like to add that Game of Stakes starts on Monday, September 30, and the team welcomes all to join in the fun and try their hand at being a real validator for DAOBet.

We welcome EOS community members to take part in the game and read more of our materials. To make matters more interesting and to highlight the unique characteristics of our platform, we have prepared an overview of the similarities and differences between the DAOBet and EOS blockchains. Stay tuned for more news and updates from DAOBet and do not forget to subscribe to our social networks.

Join our validator’s chat, register to the Game of Stakes and watch out for news.



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🎲 DAOBet is a B2B platform based on a decentralised blockchain protocol for casinos, game providers and affiliates.


🎲 DAOBet is a B2B platform based on a decentralised blockchain protocol for casinos, game providers and affiliates. Learn more at

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