NFTsDAO Community Update: Kings of Crypto Launch
Kings of Crypto Series by NFTsDAO artist

NFTsDAO Community Update: Kings of Crypto Launch

By Rekt | DAO | 11 Aug 2021


One of our NFTsDAO artists is launching their Kings of Crypto series today!

The movement of trading cards onto the blockchain has been swift and aggressive. Topps and Panini, the largest baseball trading cards companies, both have blockchains-specific trading card offerings. Their executives recognize the considerable value that is being traded hands on OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces. 



The first wave of NFT attention was the byproduct of the Beeple $69 million Christie's sale. 


The "lull," which was really just not having that NFT sale from a top 2 auction house, was still, in our eyes, respectable, and started to materialize some sizable traction for smaller NFT artists to help scale their sales. We were seeing the kernel of what we're seeing now. 


The growth of NFTs is introducing the internet to blockchain tech through their preferred medium: images. Memes control the internet, and, for many meme stocks, parts of the economy. The transcendent impact that a well-crafted image can have on an argument or way of thinking can be more powerful, and influential, than a dissertation. 


The future of the NFTsDAO is predicated upon the enthusiasm of artists and authors that are behind it as DAO members. These committed professionals, operating in a safe space of encouragement, are seeking to foster the development and growth of other like-minded professionals, replicating much of the mutual support seen as prototypical of blockchain projects helping one another as they grow. A long-held belief among blockchain executives is that a rising tide lifts all shifts, and that's very true. Mass adoption would bode well for all projects that have jumped into the blockchain ecosystem to help them scale their options and user base.


What does NFTsDAO's success look like as a key DAO leader, I reached out to, foresees it?

- 10+ talented digital artists crafting skillful works of art and minting them on the blockchain, through NFTs on OpenSea, BitClout, or the NFT platform of their choice.

- 10+ talented authors penning popular pieces, in book or article form, for the community, and having these contributions be rewarded with, instead of purchasing a Patreon, having users buy their NFTs, allowing them to devote their full-time efforts to their writing craft and niches they're passionate about, facilitating their redoubling of efforts. 

- 10+ musical artists within EDM, pop, or any form of music that is minting NFTs for songs that shares royalties with their community token, allowing users to not only be fans, but also budding angel investors, of sorts, by being able to earn a profit from having a savvy eye for talent, a digital type of Rick Rubin, Quincy Jones, or Dr. Dre. 

Having a representative stake, the residue of facilitating the scaling operations for these artists, should bode well for the DAO, facilitating more discussions from high-level blockchain enthusiast and devs committed to making the DAO a increasingly influential change-agent in the burgeoning NFT space. 



Interview with Kings of Crypto Artist:

Q: What's the inspiration for this series you've crafted?

A: While we like to see blockchain projects as technological monoliths, they are really living-breathing entities headed by often known crypto commodities that are exceptionally interesting and complex individuals. Individuals like SBF, Vitalik, Andre Cronje, and others in our forthcoming series define individuals who have compelling stories to tell that can, and often has, captured the imagination of the public. SBF's starting out as a math genius, with two Stanford Law Professors as parents, going to MIT, and seeing his idealism recognizing that his best contribution to society was in the form of charitable givings from a profitable endeavor that he hoped to build in FTX. 

We look at the underlying tech, but it's really these personalities, and how they feel about tangential projects, that defines how we often invest our own crypto holdings. 

Q: What do you hope to convey with your art?

A: Engineers are artists. Toiling away in an unrelenting battle with Solidity or other complex code represents a romantic notion, in my eyes, especially if the spoils of this battle yields a king's fortune, and is often does, and facilitates the creation of jobs for individuals who are living their best live doing that which they love. While we romanticize war, and soldiers are the true definition and personification of adjective of hero, there are also impactful stories to be told in tech. Visual imagery is oftentimes the most powerful, and certainly the swiftest, way of beginning this storytelling journey. 

Q: What are your ambitions for this NFT series?

A: To highlight not only the CZs, SBF, or other individuals that enjoy 10-figure net worths, but also talented engineers and strategic blockchain visionaries that are delivering considerable value to the space.

Q: What do you see as the scaled use case for this Kings of Crypto series?

A: A la Stoner Cats, I see NFT holders as being able to gain access to a discord of NFT enthusiasts, introduced to the discussion on important crypto influencers, and using this platform as a means to highlight people and projects that are doing objective good for the space.

Q: Where is the backdrop of your NFT trading cards series?

A: The interior of the Palace of Versailles, France. 

Q: What do you believe defines a successful NFT project or series?

A: Community. With so much of blockchain tech forked, materializing essentially an exact copy of the technical architecture underlying a project, the cornerstone of success is being able to materialize and nurture a community of like-minded NFT collectors that share your vision and collect to encourage this vision. The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Art Blocks Curated, Pudgy Penguins, Zed Run, and Party Penguins all enjoy tremendous volumes of discussion on Twitter from brand devotees. These are top-level NFT enthusiasts who also use their powerful, and influential, voice to trumpet their support for a project, leading to further demand for an often defined, small supply, leading to massive price appreciation. We hope to gain an increasingly vocal contingent of influencers who may look favorably upon our series and proceed to trumpet our efforts. 

Q: How can I, as an NFT enthusiast, get involved and plant my flag on this space in a meaningful way?

A: Bid on an NFT from our Kings of Crypto 1/1 collection on OpenSea or BitClout.


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