Beginning, one step at a time

By DanielLV | DanielLV | 20 Apr 2022

Starting a new journey is always frightening. Sometimes we prefer to stay with the status quo because it gives us a sense of control over things that happen to us.

However, doing so comes at a high cost. We often hold on to painful situations that make us uncomfortable for fear of risking whatever change might bring. We are afraid of falling into a worse situation. Without realizing it, we also give up the possibility of having something better.

Making a new beginning implies the process of learning to relate to our fears. As someone learning to dance, we need to understand that everything has a rhythm. Every step made is significant. Sometimes we need to step back to go forward. Just as we dance with our partner, we "dance" with our fears. Learning that life is like a dance, we learn to dance at our rhythm, accepting that both changes and fears are natural, always taking one step at a time.

Mountain view photo created by wirestock -

Mountain view photo created by wirestock -

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