Some Top Bullish Moves Today 01/5/2020
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Some Top Bullish Moves Today 01/5/2020

Hello peeps,
Happy new month to you!
Apologies for not posting anything here yesterday.
Yeah, yesterday was cool as BTC family got the best of it after a long time. The market went up to about +10%, causing great changes in coins like BTC as it touched $9k+ with BTC gold and diamond at its back.
Today, another big turnover just showed up as TNC (Trinity coin) goes up to about 20000%+.
Yeah, from scratch to something.
Let's get started with the highest to those of about +10% increase from their previous prices.

1. TNC
Moved up to 20034%
Current price: $0.22

Moved up to 32%
Current price: $0.09

3. NEU
Moved up to 32%
Current price: $0.18

4. SAN
Moved up to 24%
Current price: $0.08

Moved up to 21%
Current price: $1.14

Moved up to 17%
Current price: $0.09

Moved up to 14%
Current price: $0.05

8. KEY
Moved up to 13%
Current price: $0.04

Moved up to 11%
Current price: $0.30

10. ADX
Moved up to 10%
Current price: $08

Moved up to 10%
Current price: $0.12

Okay fellows, that's all for now.
Feel free to check around some exchange sites for those that moved down. Invest and wait for the right time and don't forget to set an alarm on your investment(s).
Also feel free to join my airdrop/bounty telegram channel for other freebies. Link for D-Solutions Channel 👉 No scamming at all.
See you next time.


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