BIG Blockchain Community (BBC)

BIG Blockchain Community (BBC) Wallet Apps Airdrop

By Daniella Blog | Daniella cryptonews | 15 Feb 2020


Hello peeps!
Good day.
I'll like to share with you and app that has a lot to share with you.
BIG Blockchain Community (BBC) is here for you.
BBC is similar to Keybase and OGN and they are giving away some good quantity of their tokens.
The rules are simple.
Just download their app and register with a referral code, you'll get 100 BBC tokens.
The value of this 100BBC is $51.

BIG Blockchain Community (BBC) Wallet Apps Airdrop

How about that?
Download The App -
Open Apps and input my referral code BBC372698 (necessary to unlock the registration form).

Your tokens will be delivered to you immediately
Withdrawal is still on tradable cryptos (BTC, ethereum, etc).
You can thank me later.

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