Addressing a Liquidity Exchanger- Agitator, multi-chain Network disciplined 'SYMBIOSIS'

By GcArRyUpLtic-eir | daniel_pie4 | 20 Mar 2022

Symbiosis as a liquidity exchanger, how?

Let me explain what is liquidity and how its highly welcomed term in crypto market.
               Liquidity is process of exchange of tokens given by a market provider including fiat currencies. The service provider pin it in such a way the token value is efficient to an exchange. Users(us) given a freedom to choose among them, make the transactions. I hope its time to hit some buttons in right way through Symbiosis.

                     Symbiosis- does what?


Basically, its an interface to all the big dudes like BNB, polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche. Currently only these platform supports our swapping methodology. These blockchain are well aware off. Its a project that has low trust rate initially, due to market convenience this swapping system was used.


Why Prefer Symbiosis and trust Rate:

Recently the team launched beta main-net. Notice this-

blockchain protocols are code subject to flaws and we do not provide any warranties on the security of such protocols.

Its mentioned in their terms of use, its the sole property of token owner if user claim transfer to any partnered wallets.

Its a bloom to the market in a crowd of 1000s, Make sure you are aware of other service providers and give priority to your choice. Do your own research. This outsmarts by giving their own SIS tokens . 






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