Tracking the biggest AIRDROPS of 2020 - Week 1 -

By DaniBom | danibom | 28 Sep 2020

In this blog I'll try to update every Monday the price and state of the biggest airdrop that happened in crypto in 2020.

We all know about $UNI, many got it but some other were much more profitable, starting with $MEME, that was followed by many scams and worthless copycat. Out of the pack 2 projects started with an airdrop and are growing and building: $ROPE and $SMOL .

I'll track the price of these 3 projects and, if other serious ones will happen, I'll add them too.

355.55 $MEME were airdropped on August 15 to 72 addresses 

74.66 $ROPE were airdropped on September 22 to 375 addresses

100 $SMOL were airdropped on September 24 to  540 addresses

VALUE at September 28, 2020 - 7.15 AM UTC

$MEME: 274811$

$ROPE: 6779 $

$SMOL: 2878$


$MEME: 697937$ on Sep 22 2020

$ROPE: 9232 $  on Sep 23 2020

$SMOL: 4822$ on Sep 28 2020

$SMOL awaiting coingecko add: / 





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