New opportunity for BOT makers and devs

By DaniBom | danibom | 25 Aug 2020

This week the Stakenet ($XSN) Lightning dex will open for trading with an open beta rollout and the team is calling for all bot makers that want to help in testing and stressing the Dex.

There will be zero trading fees for bot makers and select XSN Grants, bonuses and bounties are also provided; for more info just join the Stakenet Discord 

Initial trading will involve $BTC, $LTC and $XSN, while the team is working hard with the Raiden team to include $ETH and his tokens to the platform, allowing to trade stablecoins and successful tokens like $LINK.

The public beta launch will include bug bounty rewards, bot making contests and other promotions as the team prepare to scale after stress testing the unique Lightning Network Layer 2 Dex.

Here we can see another video made by one of the beta testers, showing how to swap tokens in the wallet and pay a lightning invoice, super fast!

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