Browse faster and earn money with Brave!(A quick and easy introduction)

By DamienTargaryen | DamienTargaryen | 1 Oct 2019

UPDATE: Brave 1.0 officially launches. Brave Rewards now available on iOS as well, and many countries can now start to receive ads. 8 Million Users strong now! Check out these two exciting ads! :  Ad 1 - Privacy  & Ad 2 - Speed  & Ad 3 - Creators


If by now you haven't heard about or seen Brave Browser, you are missing out! Available on IOS, Android and desktop for FREE, it is a fast, private and secure web browser with built-in adblocker, founded by the creator of JavaScript and Mozilla co-founder, Brendan Eich. Best of all, you get to earn money from browsing!

Below is a basic infograph indicating Ads and Trackers blocked, time saved and HTTPS upgrades.

Brave Browser aims to revolutionize the digital advertising industry and disrupt existing business models of Google and Facebook, two companies that are currently dominating the industry.

It has 5.5 million monthly active users , featuring over 28,000 verified publishers and is also the most downloaded (Android) browser in Japan!

Why download Brave Browser? Built in adblocker allows you to: 

1) Browse faster, up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.

Brave loads major news sites 2 to 8 times faster than mobile and 2 times faster than Chrome on desktop. Don't believe, check out the speed test!

2) Save money as ads are not automatically downloaded with mobile data.

The average mobile browser user pays as much as $23 a month in data charges to download ads and trackers — that’s $276 a year. Brave blocks ads and trackers, so you don’t pay for them.

As seen below, ads are blocked by Brave Browser on the left while it's display while browsing with Safari on the right.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is brave3.jpg

and lastly,

3) Take ownership of your privacy by blocking ads and trackers.

Popular sites often host multiple ads and as many as 70 trackers per site. Worse, most leading ad blockers still allow trackers through to profile your location, behavior and other browsing activity.

So how do content creators or websites earn money then? Here is where we will talk about Brave Rewards and BAT (Basic Attention Token).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bat.png

Brave Rewards is built on BAT, think of it as a token/coin on the Brave platform with monetary value. Currently, 1 BAT = ~$0.17USD (at the time of publication)

Brave Rewards rewards you for viewing ads. Advertisers buy BAT to advertise on the browser. Users have the option to control the ad frequency and scheduling, and control how much or little information they provide to brands.

Users will then receive 70% of the ad revenue share in BAT, which is subsequently deposited monthly into your Brave Wallet and can be cashed out through a third party wallet and into your bank account!

This BAT can also be tipped to content creators (publishers). You will have the option to automatically tip or you can also tip as and when you like, or if you’re just in it for the money, then don’t tip at all and just cash out monthly!

Currently sites like Reddit, Wikipedia and The Guardian are all verified Brave publishers.

So how do you start?

Just download the Browser, and if you're using Chrome you can sync your Chrome's browsing history/bookmarks over. Then, sign up for Brave rewards, set up your wallet and done! Pretty simple right?

If you've read all this way and want to check out Brave, download it here!

*Information and relevant statistics taken from Brave's website

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